Summertime 2021

Summer is just truly beginning and it is a special one for us all, for various reasons. For us, specifically, here at Sneer Campaign HQs, we are cautiously emerging into our post-pandemic world, which is disappointingly a lot like the pre-pandemic world. Our emergence can be compared to this cicada swarm. We feel as though we have been in underground isolation for seventeen years, too!

The cicadas are having a grand old time, though — the time of their lives! It is fleeting and reckless and ends almost certainly in a gruesome bird-related death. While we support the life philosophy of the periodical cicada, we do not share that same attitude. We are sticking to plans and goals! The plans and goals include parties and frivolity though, don’t you worry. We are still being careful out there, because it seems wise. And we always avoid the beaks of wild birds. We have seen what they can do.

A sample of the upcoming overindulgent self-portrait. Amandoll and Dollissa, in a zany 1920s style and wearing little bowler caps, doff them while looking to the side. All full of vim.

What I mean to say is that we’re ready! We’re screaming, too! Yesterday, I was pelted by dozens of flying cicadas at the same time and that was okay. I survived it! Everything is fine and dandy and we no longer look forward to returning to society because it’s happening. The time is now.

It is also time for this month’s overindulgent self-portrait.

This overindulgent self-portrait is based on a magazine cover from the 1920s. The magazine was called Para Todos and was I believe Brazilian. The original was appallingly racist, but this version depicts cicadas and Amandoll and Dollissa dancing like they used to dance, back in the day.

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