Sneer Headquarters: Curiosities and Objects of Interest

Welcome to our house of trinkets and wonders. Of oddities and obsessions. Anything and everything you might need for crafts, gardening, cats, or starting a circus.

The First

This was the first decoration purchased for Sneer Headquarters, right before we acquired HQ. We got it at an antique shop, like many of our nonsense items.


Like most home owners, we have several altars. Some should make sense, like Money Horse, while others are more subtle, like Money California Raisin.


In addition to altars, we have a few iconic paintings meant to honor the subjects as well as spice up the walls.


Books are important for many reasons. For one, you need to make sure that your bookshelves are nearly full. Also, walls of books can double as insulation in a pinch.


Coffee is one of our many loves. We have an on and off relationship, but always find ourselves together in the end. Among our several coffee devices sits this grinder. It’s fun to use but loud, and using it in my kitchen sends grinding sounds straight down into Amandoll’s bedroom.



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