Sneering for Four Years

Holy moly golly Wally we have been around filling your days with choice cut quality content for four entire years now. It’s time for us to graduate to the next level, on to bigger and better things. Of course, we don’t feel like we have graduated high school and are moving on to a different life. Rather, it is more like we have made it out of elementary school and now we will become more middle school in maturity and humor. More of the same, but a little bit different. Will we become bawdier?? I guess you will have to wait and see!

I have made a picture and a list of useful trivia for you. For us ALL.

Here is an illustration done in the late 1800s style of Toulouse-Lautrec. Dollissa is riding a rainbow unicorn and Amandoll is riding Secretariat. Both steeds gallop merrily through a landscape of bright splashes of color. Words on the poster say "four solid years of exciting capers. Sneer Campaign. founded in 2015."


  • This is the 801st post!
  • 104,209 all time views — we can do better than THAT
  • We made FOUR posts in the entire month of October
  • And only eight posts in the month of December
  • We were busy with other things a lot! We were not just depressed and/or lazy!
  • Instated our first official hiatus


  • Brooklyn Nine Nine
  • Composting
  • In Search of…
  • Stray Animal Rescue Videos
  • Sun Hats
  • 1930s murder mysteries featuring a character called Hildegard Withers
  • We struggled with this list because it is hard to remember more than a week ago.


  • CYOA style story — we haven’t forgotten!
  • Romance Novels
  • Other types of books and magazines
  • New guests!
  • More serieses!
  • More Splendor!
  • Chickens!
  • haha this is pretty much just the same list as last year because nothing has really changed

Sneer Back

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