Sneer House Poltergeists

Fine, the mansion is haunted. What do you expect after over 100 years of history, occupants, and neighbors? But just like Casper, these ghosts are friendly as can be. They are more like our roommates at Sneer Headquarters. Although poltergeist originated as the German word for “noisy ghost” we don’t hear much from our ghostly friends and visitors.

The team of ghosts also doesn’t interact with each other, though I can’t imagine they don’t know about each other and maybe even routinely convene to discuss how strange the house’s living inhabitants are. Here are some of our best buddies at The Sneer Haunt.

Judy and Dollissa


Judy the Ghost

Judy the ghost was a 90s teenager obsessed with TLC and Spice Girls, probably. She lives in the attic in the room facing the street, goes in the closet during the day, where she rests with a list of boys names on the wall. She came with the house and we hoped she stayed during the transfer.

Her hauntings are generally just a creak here or there, a sudden infatuation with boy bands, or a strange breeze that makes you think of your first boyfriends. Thank you Judy, I guess!


The Toastergeist

How’s your toast is it burnt? Is it burnt even though you changed the toaster settings again? Is it burnt even though you used the other kitchen? Is it burnt even from the toaster oven? He’s back.

We’re not sure what this one wants, but it never seems to be satisfied. Maybe he prefers white bread, but we’re not giving in to that demand, hypothetical or not. Sorry, toastergeist.

Roof Cat



There’s a crying boy cat on the roof next door, usually near or on the gutter. Is he real? Do others see him or hear him? He cries regularly, it’d be impossible the next door neighbor doesn’t hear him. Is he stuck on that gutter with no way down? More likely he’s the ghost of a roofcat long-passed. Perhaps that roofcat was truly stuck without food on the roof next door for a long time maybe from watching his love through a window sadly… or perhaps he fell and was the only cat who couldn’t easily land from one story up.

His spooky behavior involves long-lasting intense stare-downs with The Captain and passionate kitty cries to the heavens. He hasn’t haunted inside our house yet, but we’re keeping an eye on Captain’s behavior, just in case.


Major Ghost Alert

So Amandoll’s keys don’t work. Amandoll’s keys didn’t work from when she first got them and so they got new locks. Her keys do not work for those locks, again. Her keys were labeled and are now incorrect. Her keys switch places and disappear and never work. She no longer leaves the house, in case she cannot get back in. Very obviously haunted.

Key Ghost

Sneer Back

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