Snow Day! Snow Day!

While we are having twelve years’ worth of winter crammed into a single two week block here in Paradise, thoughts of the so-called good old days have come swirling back. When we were children, we loved snow because we got to stay home from school! Unaware of the hardships our parents faced whenever snow was on the ground, we watched daytime television, made messes, and drank warmed beverages. There was excitement. And snow sculptures being built, there were those too.

Illustrated depiction of a snow person and two male cardinal birds. The snow person has some twigs for hair and a long sleeved shirt that is striped in alternating blue, lime, magenta, and grey. It is Amandoll in snow form.
We might make those snow sculptures less these days.

It dawned on us that we are the adults now, and when we are not being gadabouts, we are being layabouts (except for Dollissa, who has a job — but it has no commute!) Somehow, we have forgotten to give ourselves the luxury of having Snow Days all these years! “Why would we have a day off,” we wondered. “A day off from WHAT?”

A day off from everything, that’s what! Yesterday, February 16th in the fabulous year of 2021, we all had us a big ol’ Snow Day. It might have been a little bit because it was too late for romance holiday content, and we are too sick of US Presidents to acknowledge THAT holiday. Go on! Get outta here!

No, we did not do anything special — its cold out there! Instead, I merely waited a day in order to draw another unsettling overindulgent self portrait in commemoration of this legendary moment in our lives. A day that we will look back on. Especially every time this post comes back up via the random article feature.

An illustration of Amandoll and Dollissa, who is holding Haircut the grey tabby cat, who does not want to be held. The illustration is in the style of 1927 era magazine cover of Para Todos. This means that we have giant empty eyes and 1920s fashion. Amandoll is dancing a little. There is a large nightmarish symbolic round snow flake behind us, and words above Amandoll say Sneer Campaign.
Hello Snow, whaddya know?

Sneer Back

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