Songs to Clown to

Clown Music

Have you been enjoying National Clown Week? We sure hope so! Merry-making and comic mischief is hard work, but we have made a playlist to make things easier for you. Luckily for the world, I have been amassing a Circus Playlist on Spotify for the past four years and I have skimmed some of the circusiest tracks (plus one rendition of that classic song, my favorite song of all songs, “Brazil”) off the top to present to you. Yes, my personal playlist has almost 700 tracks, and yes, I do listen to it on any ordinary day.

We hope the Clown Around playlist inspires you to new heights in greasepaint and gymnastic feats. From an 1885 band organ to 1920s calliope carousel music to proper orchestral circus jams, what we have brought to the table of your ears in the form of remarkably similar songs is nothing short of total delight. Allow it to bring you power, as I do. Sleep while listening to it so that it can infiltrate your dreams. Play it loudly in your car with the windows down while driving slowly past playgrounds, graveyards, or any residential neighborhood. Breathe in the clown music, and breathe out your earthly concerns.

But most of all: enjoy.

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