Marilyn Monrotund

Marilyn Monrotund starring Amandoll and Cchris. It is the header for the comic which is to follow.

I’m sure no one here is a stranger to the popular internet image stream of Marilyn Monroe being depicted as a curvy ideal of Hollywood’s yesterdays. “Women used to have CURVES, Marilyn was a curvy curvy sex GODDESS, round and lush and built real like really real women are!” And it’s true. Marilyn Monroe did have curves! She was built that way. But if you really look at most of her pictures, she was actually really slender and kind of athletic looking. I saw a picture of her measurements and she had a twenty three inch around waist! I saw this picture on the internet and it supported the beliefs I already held, so I didn’t bother verifying it, but clearly it must be true.

So, one day I was talking to cchris about this very interesting Marilyn Monroe information regarding how much she was a gentlelady of leisure and he went and Chrissed it all up. Then I Amandaed it up by turning it into a comic!

Click to make this chat comic larger, but you can’t click to make any of this information guaranteed to be true! Fact-checking is for JOURNALISM, not for idle chatter! Or you can read this other person’s article that is probably the one I originally read a while ago.

In this comic, Amandoll is informing C Chris that Marilyn Monroe exercised just ten minutes away. He calls her tubby, and he is not surprised by her sloth.
Amandoll shouts that Monroe is gorgeous.
In the next scene, Amandoll is saying "I saw a great article a while back that was like "stop identifying Marilyn Monroe as your curve queen! She was like a modern size 6." C Chris says in quotes "our whale goddess" as he sips hot tea.
Amandoll says, "This article I'm reading now is giving her exercise tops. It's pretty good." Drawn now is Marilyn relaxing on a floor with the world's tiniest weights around her. She is saying "even writing this is too much exercise... Maybe I'll nap. Nudely. Pajamas are restrictive, just like exercise is..."
At the very end c chris says "Gentlemen prefer blobs."

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