Story of Our Store: Jittery Coffee


This series will explore some of the works in our store, Sneer1Imports. We wanted to tell the stories behind the designs and illustrations. Some have long histories, some were funny suggestions, and others were favors. Please join us on a journey of love, sneers, pens, and art!


Perfect as a simple greeting card for any occasion, or sticker of the same design. We also think he looks great on your smartphone (Samsung Galaxy/iPhone options available) so that you can show off your love of coffee. Embrace the jitters.

He’s had a little too much and he’s all scribbled up.

Jittery Coffee by Amanda Wood

We love coffee. We talk about it often, I think. But we drink it more often than that. Every day! Sometimes we try to quit but that never lasts long, and who are we kidding? We never tried that hard. Amandoll prefers two good cups throughout the day, while I enjoy having three before noon and then panicking.

My first taste of coffee, formatively anyway, at 2007 FIMAV, was with my dad and some friends I met through the internet. When I sat down, they served us all coffee. I had been tired the previous day so I figured, who even cares what it tastes like?

It was, obviously, great.

At the same time, basically, I was working at a cafe, home in Newark, NJ. As someone who did not drink coffee before that, I only had tea there. The other option was Bubble Tea, the most popular drink we served, so I only drank tea there.

Cafe Map by Amanda Wood

Honestly, at this point, Amandoll had drawn dozens of anthropomorphized coffee cups and bubble teas, for various newspapers and newsletters I helped with. And, of course, cafe posters, menus, and outrageously ornate maps. Working at that very cafe resulted in me drinking more and more coffee as time went on. I never went for espresso, which I still consider basically a scam.


When Amandoll was 18, she sickened herself with too much coffee. Not an unusual story for someone who is not dedicated to getting her sludge on. Ten years later, she learned to make midnight coffee for her boyfriend before his midnight shift. She realized that it was basically dessert in a cup, filled with delicious sugar and sugary milk. Now, she has learned to strike the perfect balance of coffee, sugar, and milk for her morning jolt of life itself.

As for me, Today, I am 50% coffee. As any coffee lover will attest, not a day goes by that we have none.

Many Jittery Coffees

Previous coffee designs we see are all too specific about something coffee adjacent or a coffee joke. Most adorable little cups are accompanied by a tired “thanks a latte” or something about never getting enough. But we think this one speaks for itself. Jittery coffee is simple, honest. Straight from Amandoll’s coffee-infused heart.

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