Story of Our Store: Worship the Devil Kitty

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Lately, the Story of Our Store kinds of articles are more difficult to write because most of the time the things that I draw have a story that goes something like, “because I wanted to.” “That animal is cute.” “It was a friend’s birthday, so I drew what they like.” Not really a very compelling tale after you tell it more than twice.

That being said, this little cutie is up for sale at Sneer 1 Imports because our friend, Candice, had a birthday recently!


Like most people, Candice loves Satan and cats, so it was very obvious what I needed to do. And, as is always the case, I started the drawing not expecting to then want to upload it to redbubble, so it is not a large image. I did save a version with a transparent background which is an almost unheard of level of thinking ahead for me, but still. It’s small. So most of the products needed to have a repeating pattern or just a small image. That’s fine. Evil can be tiny and/or repetitive. Like an infestation of ticks, right?

Please think of ticks while you peruse the lovely selection and purchase without a care in the world for yourself or your loved ones. Purchase without a care in the world. I wasn’t saying that you shouldn’t or do not have a care in the world for yourself or loved ones. Show them you care and are in tune with their beliefs and interests by buying this, guaranteed tick-free*.

appealing to all

*Not a strict guarantee.

Oh, and our store seems like a mess to me. One of my big plans for this year is to give it a grand overhaul and catch up on all of the new products redbubble has enabled us to make, but we aren’t making because I only just found out like two weeks ago. We might actually decide to take down a lot of things, also, so consider anything you see to currently be “limited edition.” And I’m not just being like a furniture store here, eternally crying from the side of the road that there is a permanent going out of business liquidation sale happening this weekend only, forever. I’m also whatever kind of store that doesn’t have a clear plan for what I want to do.

Success. Profit. Money.

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