Sun’s Out, Gun’s Out — Or Not: Starring Doofus and Darling

Welcome back to our monthly comic series, Doofus and Darling. If you had Highlights for Children magazine when you were young, you’ve seen Goofus and Gallant. If not, it probably doesn’t matter anyway.

A Doofus and Darling Comic. The words say: Doofus loves pool parties and being in the sun. Darling has been avoiding the sun since 1994.

On the left, we see Doofus sitting in an inflatable pool, enjoying the scorching sun. The setting is of the HQ back yard of splendor. You see a fence, tree, other houses. Her pool has a drink in a floating flamingo, the pool has dolphins and palm trees.

On the right, Darling is sitting on the porch, sunglasses on, a huge black hat and long skirt, long sleeves. She is holding a large umbrella. She is in the shade.

See us in April or check us out in June.

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