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The thing about writing is that we don’t even have to do it ourselves anymore. We can just check for it out of the box. That’s what I learned, and so far I think it’s helped me a lot.

I like a lot of games, I play as much when I want to, but you can’t just play them like you used to. It takes away the depth of your enjoyment. And we can look at that, and say that we’re going to change it. We’re going to go back to the first generation with our vision of what the next generation should look like.

Speaking of generations, kids these days aren’t as bad as kids in the days before them. I say this as a fact. The reason I’m saying this is because I could be a parent to three kids, although I am not. Two of them could be under three. And I wouldn’t want them growing up feeling as though they’re getting an education like they were during the Great Depression. I’d want them to do things for themselves, and make their own decisions without being led, and not to have to think too much.

This brings me to another reason I think the kids in the future will be a great deal better than they are right now: the “discipline” aspect. I’m talking about the discipline of being able to just keep working, and not worry about what others want them to be on the weekends. I’m not talking about being disciplined enough to make yourself a “good” parent, though that’s something I’d really try to work on if life had turned out that way. That’s not what parenting means to me, a person who dislikes being around children.

Anyway, this is the future, when I can let a robot write 90% of an article for me. Can you even tell?

I’ve started to think about this as a metaphor for more than merely changing the way I write. It’s also an example of how writing is both a skillful craft and a valuable tool. Not all writing is written in a manner that fits our immediate environment, and not all writing feels that way — perhaps this is partially due to an insular culture in which writing becomes the tool to make sense of the world at large. But ultimately, the truth is that if we are capable of thinking and writing in a more humanly friendly manner (at least in my particular culture) we can create things which are more easily understood by others, and our language will be improved.

So if every writing-related event is this fun, then in the future, when we can just write, maybe we can have a nice moment in the middle of having a big depression, as I am having now. I’m also writing more. It’s taking out a book. It’s taking out a lot of time, and there’s some kind of feeling of loss. I have no control over my thoughts or moods. I don’t know how to control my health or depression. I’m trying very hard. It doesn’t feel like my soul is feeling any different, that I’m doing something new.

If we stop worrying about the day, we can focus on the present. In the future, I believe if I’m writing the next day, I just need to know when the day comes again, and not worry about it. That’s probably the most important part of writing. Even if you can’t go for an exam for two days — I think if we just write in bed and think about it more and try not to figure out which part of me is writing about being depressed and which part of the AI Machine is coming up with ways to make me look as unstable as I might not actually be.

But in a more general sense, this tool is a great help to us at sneer campaign, because it helps us measure our strengths and weaknesses, and it gives us a lot of insight into how each of our opponents plans to conduct themselves.

For example, suppose we run an ad, and ask our target audience what they thought of the sneering that went viral just yesterday. To me, this could be seen as an attempt to demonstrate how smart the sneering is, how it’s more effective, and the tactics it employs that allow it to do so.

But the target audience might be of different opinions, and even if they have a problem with the sneering, or think that it’s dumb or unproductive, in trying to find out what their views are, sneer campaign can tell us a lot in a short time in order to influence how they’ll vote. And it will even be able to make their way through them and get the point across. So there’s nothing particularly unproductive about the sneering — at least that is what I claim.

And if you would also like to generate content that might as well be something you write yourself, then go to talktotransformer dot com and spend a while. Sometimes it is amusing and sometimes it is profound, but never is it a gigantic waste of time. That is what I have told myself. And it’s really me writing this time — as far as you know!

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