TarotScopes: Decembrilliant

It’s December already! 2018 is about to become a distant memory. Was it good for you? If not, how will you make 2019 stellar? I can tell you one way: self-care. It’s a buzzword you may want to give a try the first week of December when some planetary movements make us a bit more sleepy and apt to accomplish more during our dreaming life than waking. Thank goodness Mercury goes direct on the 6th, but of course if possible, try to put off major moves til mid December because of residue energy. There’s a Sagittarius New Moon on the 7th, so figure out what your aims are for 2019 and get in a bit of target practice. Grinches will be in appearance around the 15th, so understand that not everyone is in the holiday spirit for various reasons… and that’s okay. Aha moments ought to abound come the 20th. Maybe those Grinches would be more comfortable doing something low key to honor the Winter Solstice on December 21st? Light some candles and do some reflecting. Full Moon is official on the 22nd in Cancer would be a great time to let things go that have to do with feeling unsafe or fearful. If that seems too difficult, maybe do something that will give you a sense of security or relief like an alarm system or insurance. The important thing to remember right now is that we all see life through varying lenses of joy and pain. We really ought not make anyone feel less than because they choose not to celebrate the same. Make sure everyone is on the same page of understanding on Christmas Eve because messages can get all sorts of flubbed up. No matter, I’m sure it will all make for some funny stories around the table come actual Christmas Day. Even if you determine that your 2018 was a bit too challenging for your liking, I hope you show gratitude for the lessons it has taught. I know I will be doing that come New Years Eve.

the king

The King of Cups upright is coming in for most signs so I feel it could be an emotional month, but it need not get out of hand. There is a difference between feeling deeply and being so sensitive others can’t even stand to be around us anymore. Find that sweet spot.
As always, consider your Moon and Rising sign in addition to your Sun. What comes through for each sign is general. If you wish to have a more personalized reading, please visit my Etsy shop or message me on my FB page Tarot By Tonyana.

SAGITTARIUS (November 22 – December 21)


Week 1: Some of you may make plans to do something for your birthday a bit later than usual. Money may be a bit tight and you may be thinking about taking on some seasonal work or clocking in some overtime. You feel like you are undergoing some sort of transition, but aren’t really sure how to communicate it to others.
Week 2: You may feel a bit jaded now, but you will get into the holiday spirit in another week or two. Now you are definitely sure you are undergoing a transformation. There is just so much that you have learned about yourself in this past year. You can’t believe how fast it has flown by! One thing that you have learned is that a part of you likes flying by the seat of your pants and not playing things very safe. Well, if adventure is what you want, get ready for it the second half of December!
Week 3: Speaking your Truth may shake things up a bit, but you should still definitely do it! Things may seem scary, but trust me… if you are coming from an honest place that is willing to see and hear the others point of view, you can move mountains. If you keep sweeping important issues under the rug there will be a big mess to clean up later. It is best for others to know the real you if you wish to have authentic connections with them. It will also make them feel safe to trust you with their feelings.
Week 4: Finances are much better and you are strategizing on how to make this flow more consistent. Allow yourself to love money, not for greed of course, but for all the good you can do when you have even more of it. You will be amazed at the shift!

CAPRICORN (December 22 – January 19)


Week 1: You may be a bit regretful of some things that didn’t quite get off the ground for you in 2018. It would do you well to have some sort of secret ritual or maybe attend a New Moon type ceremony alone, without dragging along a friend who poo-poos the woo-woos. You really are wanting to get a head start on the new you and that can be hard to do with someone who wants you to stay in a box that they are comfortable with. When one door closes, another always opens… believe that!
Week 2: You may have more power than you are actually comfortable with this week. Use your stroke to implement changes that promote health and fitness. People are mighty impressed with how you go the road less traveled and are a way more expansive thinker these days!
Week 3: Go ahead and let yourself dream as big as you want and you may find most of those things working out. This would be a good week to be more open to opportunities that get presented. They will put you in the winner’s circle. Surrounding yourself with people you respect and admire is key. Your love life will heat up too!
Week 4: There may be some spiritual “hang-ups” that are keeping you from exploring a particular interest. I feel like there is an inner dialogue happening with a parental figure that is telling you that something is evil or dirty. This is a shame because I feel like this practice could be very beneficial and even bring on a breakthrough. I feel like your health especially can progress by embracing a new concept fully.

AQUARIUS (January 20 – February 18)


Week 1: Career matters may be driving you absolutely bonkers. Expect more of this kind of energy all week. Focus on “eating frogs” and you will find that it will get a bit easier to stay on top of things.
Week 2: Someone may accuse you of shady business practices or using insider connections to get ahead. Try your best not to launch them across the room. If you don’t respond, it will all blow over and they will look petty.
Week 3: Your income may take a hit, but up the hustle and you ought to get right back in the saddle in no time. Professionally, you’re doing great, but sometimes your success brings the haters out of the woodwork. So a small financial hiccup and some shade thrown in your direction really shouldn’t keep you down for the count. Be sure to not spends tons of money on recreational activities either.
Week 4: Take a breath in and exhale slowly. You are back to being on top of your life. While your relationships may be lacking in romance, it doesn’t mean that you aren’t making some serious strides.

PISCES (February 19-  March 20)


Week 1: Your work life may seem to be more of a struggle than you let on. Home life has to take a back seat as you try to get back on track. Now would be a good time to draw that line in the sand and let others know your terms moving forward.
Week 2: If you are having emotional responses to everything, it may be difficult to keep your bearings. It seems that your relationships are intruding with your professional goals. Changing something about your appearance will give you a renewed sense of confidence.
Week 3: Some of you may be thinking of taking on another job or expanding your business. There’s definitely some career growth happening and travel may even be involved. All your hard work is paying off!
Week 4: You are certainly becoming someone important to know. One thing that you look for in a partner is someone who is ready and willing to help out with the work load. If they are hindering more than helping, you may start wondering why they are even around. Some of you may fall for someone quite a bit older this week.

ARIES (March 21 – April 19)


Week 1: Your love life is heating up with more experiences that you will remember fondly forever. Travel may be on the horizon. So go ahead and dream up some places you’ve been meaning to check out with your hunny and book that flight and accommodations. Going away for a bit will give you a fresh perspective about every aspect of your life. 2019 will offer plenty of opportunity for getaways and adventures.
Week 2: So you and a special someone may be offered an opportunity to visit a foreign land. This may come in the form of winning something or simply being in the right place at the right time and knowing the right people. You may immediately dismiss the possibility because of career obligations. It may be tricky to work around, but you really ought to try.
Week 3: You may suffer a pretty hefty letdown this week. I feel like it has to do with being impulsive and not thinking things out clearly. Don’t let it keep you down too long, just consider it a chance at a new start.
Week 4: You are super productive, but make sure to take some breaks here and there. This isn’t just relating to work matters but also being overly good-natured and getting sucked into people’s drama and conflict. Before you know it you are the neighborhood taxi and watching kids that aren’t yours… for free. You don’t have to come to everyone’s rescue all the time! Family can get extra demanding this week. You may just wanna rent a hotel a few states away just to get peace.

TAURUS (April 20 – May 20)


Week 1: You may be experiencing some type of creative block. I would say that you are over-thinking things, but it would be more accurate to say that you are over-feeling it — you’re a bit too sensitive these days. This is especially true when you have to work on projects with a partner or on a team. You really aren’t in the “sharing is caring” type mood. Emotional triggers are firing off all over the place. Your need for financial security and how to get it is at odds with your love and light. There’s a lot of inner work to do.
Week 2: So last week you were having difficulty working with others, but the message this week is “suck it up.” The thing is, being a part of this group will reap rewards in the long run. Don’t bail just yet. Also, going out on the town with some like-minded folks could help you snag the net-working jackpot. You may be introduced to the right person who could remedy your living situation. Others of you may be enlightened to a great way to make some side cash. You don’t wanna sacrifice your time with those you love just to pay a bill. The Universe understands and is working to provide you with opportunity.
Week 3: I really get the sense that the light and dark parts of you are battling it out Star Wars style. This may have to do with big relationship developments such as marriage or adding to a family. Or for others it could just be making something FB official. You are all or nothing this week and you just have to finalize whether you are in or out. All this wishy-washy business is pressing your crazy buttons.
Week 4: If you have recently burned some bridges with someone, don’t go thinking you can just hop on the chum train like nothing ever happened. They are in a more powerful position than you think and can make or break an opportunity for you. Someone will ask them about your character… what do you think they will say? Even though they may not give you a glowing report, they will treat you fairly. Whew! Close one.

GEMINI (May 21 – June 20)

gum in eye

Week 1: There are too many parasites hanging around and taking advantage of your generous nature. I also get the sense that you feel you have waited long enough for someone to be okay with taking something to the next level with you. They need to be in it for the long haul or not at all. Well, maybe hold off on any ultimatums til after Mercury goes direct on 6th and if you wanna be extra vigilant maybe till mid month.
Week 2: Again, I’m getting the message to not be too hasty with romantic decisions just yet. You may be eager to merge something with another (like a phone bill) but hold off a bit. Things may be happening a bit too fast at this point. “When it rains, it pours” as my Mama would say. It would be a great time to ask pressing questions to get a good sense of another’s intentions. This way, when you do make that move, you can do so with confidence.
Week 3: Don’t get yourself swamped with studies or paperwork. Basically avoid too much of ANYTHING this week… mainly people. Crowds will make your eye twitch. It’s just too much. You may find that you are strongly empathetic right now and everyone’s energy may have you down for the count.
Week 4: Something seems a bit off at a social function, like some energy or person isn’t there anymore. It’s a bit disconcerting. Well… be okay to things being different this year. Be open to making new traditions and welcoming new people. Let others help you with packages or heavy lifting for goodness sake! You aren’t much fun if you have an aching back.

CANCER (June 21 – July 22)


Week 1: You just wanna get over a rough spot already and never mention it again. It was a weird circumstance that you reflected too much about, but you will soon see how it works itself out to your benefit. Some of you may still be holding a candle for an ex and hoping that they will reach out soon like one of those sappy Hallmark Christmas specials.
Week 2: You have a nail-biting experience that has to do with your loved ones and you may not know what to do with yourself. Help will be found in the most unlikeliest of places. This person in authority will help you rearrange your plans a bit and guide you to the best actions.
Week 3: This week is a bit easier, thank goodness! Now that you learned so much from last week, you will be sure never to put yourself or others in a position like that again. You can’t let that scare you from living though. There is a silver lining in here. Just make sure you don’t go to either extreme. Just a tad more careful is good enough.
Week 4: Keep your head above water. Emotions may get the best of you if you let it. Focus on the task at hand. Don’t go harping on what ifs. Realize that you had a close call and just learn from it. It’s that easy.

LEO (July 23 – August 22)


Week 1: The tables sure have turned! Someone may be looking over your book keeping with a fine-toothed comb or checking your spending habits. With tax time right around the corner, just make sure you have held onto receipts and stuff of that nature.
Week 2: It seems like in every situation you are made to look like the bad guy somehow. Don’t expect to win any popularity contests right now. People aren’t coming to your defense like they used to. In fact, it seems like everyone is getting their jabs in this week. The good news is nothing lasts forever.
Week 3: You are back to being hopeful. That’s good! Visualizations are powerful stuff. You are daydreaming about some pretty luxurious circumstances. Are you thinking a certain partnership is gonna get you there? I mean, that’s great if you are a power couple, just check in honestly and ask if your interest in someone is genuine and you aren’t just hoping they are your ticket out of some shitty circumstances. You are perfectly capable of making your dreams come true all by yourself.
Week 4: A situation may require a bit more time until you are out of the woods. You may have to borrow a bit of money to float by on, but no biggie. Just find that silver-lining and the lessons. Bloom where you are planted. Don’t be so eager to get away that you take any bus you see. This can be a brand-new beautiful start for you. Please see it that way.

VIRGO (August 23 – September 22)


Week 1: News you receive may not be what you were hoping for. I feel like it is obligatory to have a proper response to it — make sure it isn’t emotionally charged. The person giving you the bad news could undergo some sensitivity training.
Week 2: You finally reach a decision. Some of you may decide to take something to court. Make sure you play by the rules from here on out. Your life will be looked into if you proceed. However, courts or not, I feel you will experience some type of justice.
Week 3: People aren’t always what they seem and can change out of nowhere. Don’t be so hard on yourself. You weren’t the only one they were fooling.
Week 4: You are working hard to think more positively and change your attitude about things. It’s just that lately, life has been soooo hard. You will get through this and come out stronger than ever!

LIBRA (September 23 – October 22)


Week 1: Strap those social butterfly wings on tight because you are gonna need them this month! Everyone you mingle with is certain to make comments about your impeccable style and ease of working a room. You’re a pro! There will be more invitations that you can keep up with. Expect people to be blowing up your phone. Better get used to being so in demand.
Week 2: Make sure that you don’t overshare about another’s circumstances. The way you relay the story may sound a bit harsh to others anyhow and then you may be marked as insensitive or cold. Try to use lucid dreaming as a way to remedy a health concern once and for all. Busy yourself with organizing and decluttering. Get someone to help you.
Week 3: You have an epiphany about how to get competing forces to grow together for the common good. It really is a beautiful idea and will improve the grand scheme of things. However, you may find yourself in a pickle as to how to organize such a novel undertaking. As with most of your good intentions, you simply haven’t the time to see your creative ideas through. This month is so intensely focused that people may wonder if you have access to one of those “limitless pills.”
Week 4: You may receive some news about work that is a bit of a downer. There may be some extra faces around the holiday table this year. What you would really like to do for the holidays is get everyone together and volunteer somewhere.

SCORPIO (October 23 – November 21)


Week 1: An important event happens this week and will have quite an impact. It will be the fuel for a great idea. A part of you wants to stave off a relationship from developing any further while another bit of you is quite curious.
Week 2: There is something that you buried a while back that you hope will never be uncovered. Make sure you have no holes in your story in case anyone starts sniffing things out. Someone is definitely trying to find out more about you or even stalking your social media in hopes of solving a mystery.
Week 3: Don’t expect anyone to fall all over themselves saying how much they appreciate all you’ve done. In fact, at this point, they may expect you to be at their beck and call. They behave like a spoiled brat when you don’t answer on the first ring.
Week 4: You will undergo a rebirth of sorts. Don’t expect an instant turn-around. Often, you see stepping stones as failures and that is a mistake. This thing will take at least a year to get off the ground. Be patient and don’t give up.

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