Kevin Didn’t Mean to Share with Us


Oh, Kevin.

It has been mentioned before that my dear friend, Kevin “Kay Flay” “Jumpin’ Jack” Flasch in the pannnnn….ts (Milwaukee’s Best) has a brilliant mind that has its moments of, shall we say, less than brilliance. It could be that he is so preoccupied with his deep and mighty thoughts that these trivial things, such as using the internet to chat to people like me, are easy to flub up just because he’s barely giving it his important attention.

That must have been the case on the day of this comic, when he suddenly linked to me the image of his family’s coat of arms, accidentally. Maybe he thought I was a browser window again. Maybe he thought I was someone else. The only thing that’s for sure is that if he could have taken back showing it to me, he would have. And I don’t know why.

Click the comic in order to see my careful placement of pixels to show the utmost judgment of one another.

heh the french

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