TarotScopes: June Blooms

Summer is so here, you guys! The New moon in Gemini should really kick things off with its quick-witted communication styles on the 13th. This is kind of a relief because Jupiter being retro has made us all a bit too into ourselves and maybe we should reach out to others again. Since Pluto is also in retrograde, we may choose to do this in ways we haven’t ventured into before. Also with Mars and Neptune going retro, you may want to keep healthy boundaries up concerning social groups you are involved in. So that old adage about fences making good neighbors may come into play here. There will be a Full Moon in Capricorn on the 28th, this is a great time to release emotionally draining family issues, especially ones concerning the paternal side.

The 10 of Wands Upright is coming in for most signs, so that makes me think that maybe we are all trying to make the best of some tricky situations. I mean, half of the planets will be retrograde in June, so we need to see that silver lining now more than ever. It’s gonna be okay though. And when you have an idea of what kind of energies to expect, you can work with it rather than be exhausted by it.


As always, consider your Moon and Rising sign in addition to your Sun. What comes through for each sign is general. If you wish to have a more personalized reading, please visit my Etsy shop or message me on my FB page Tarot By Tonyana.

Now, let’s see what to expect from June…

GEMINI (May 21 – June 20)

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Week 1: An important event happens this week that emphasizes a drastic change. It will have quite an impact. The effects will last for quite a while to come.
Week 2: Here’s to fresh starts! You are having so many new ideas and are doing some heavy-duty growing, my friend. It is time to be more ambitious and expand those horizons.
Week 3: Others may find your slow responses a bit frustrating and deem you a bit of a space cadet. You may invite a friend over for drinks and dinner. It may be a truly eye-opening experience about seeing people for who they are rather than what you HOPE they are.
Week 4: Gemini writers will be amazed at how the right words seem to be channeled from some otherworldly place. In fact, the work you produce will be so good, that it may torment you on how you will ever reach that pinnacle again. This is the kind of thing that happens when you succeed. You worry.


CANCER (June 21 – July 22)


Week 1: Relationship weather may get a bit stormy this week. It can all seem a bit overwhelming. You just seem to be rooted in an area that seems a bit out of touch with what you are striving towards. A partner may not be on board with a certain career goal.
Week 2: You are likely wishing this week was over already! Work seems to be so aggravating nowadays. It just seems as soon as you build something up, someone else waltzes in and wants to steal your thunder.
Week 3: You have figured out a feasible strategy to deal with all the parasites hanging around as of late. Finances are changing for the better now. Go ahead and go through bills and debts, so you will be better prepared for the end of this month.
Week 4: Changes you made to your diet during mid month are showing results. Money and work sure were a challenge, but you feel surer about these things now. You now have permission to trust yourself to a little lavishness.


LEO (July 23 – August 22)


Week 1: It is a mysterious start to the month, but you really ought to appreciate the things you aren’t sure of, too. Much of this has to do with a reconciliation that comes out of nowhere. You will find that the emotional distance had more to do with schedules than anything else. They actually very much wanted to spend time with you, but their energy was being sapped. You may have been too sensitive and read into things wrong. Give them another chance.
Week 2: You are definitely making things happen! Be careful what you wish for. What was fantasy last month is actually happening. This may knock you for a loop if you aren’t careful. You may find yourself getting sentimental at the most inopportune times. Balance out those thoughts and emotions.
Week 3: There is some super sexy energy happening right now! The smallest things have you thinking of romance and getting your body all flushed. Still other Leos may just find themselves having aha moments in succession.
Week 4: Someone is definitely overstaying their welcome. They seem to have a terribly draining energy about them. This person wants to force their views on you and those you care about. Part of you is jealous of their gumption. You see right through them.


VIRGO (August 23 – September 22)


Week 1: Some of you may be starting new jobs only to find out the grass was no greener on the other side. You decide to just deal with it. To go back and eat crow would be the worst, so you figure you will make the lemonade out of the lemons you are given.
Week 2: A decision is reached. There may be some sort of legal thing happening and a judge may be involved for some of you. For others, there may be a situation occurring that you may consider taking legal action. You go about collecting proof and specifics.
Week 3: Someone will rescue you from a precarious situation. A problem is unraveled and everyone agrees you aren’t at fault. You will overcome the odds!
Week 4: The Divine is definitely looking out for you! A gift is offered. Something wonderful is taking shape.


LIBRA (September 23 – October 22)


Week 1: You may not be appreciated in a big way and discover that you are more of “an acquired taste.” Don’t be so quick to take action and realize that you may have to row the boat on your own unless you make modifications. You may wanna bend a little on this one.
Week 2: People are finding your indecision a bit annoying this week. This is particularly true concerning a romantic relationship. The two of you have very different work ethics.
Week 3: Career looks promising, but you may have to wait a bit before you can really get going. Very good planning will serve you well. Someone in your life may be pressuring you to just dive in, but you know better.
Week 4: Protect your spiritual beliefs and hold them dear. You may make big changes to a lesson plan or what to study up on. If you go over everything, you will find the venture to be a complete success! There will be changes in an organization in which you are a part and someone saves you a spot at the top.


SCORPIO (October 23 – November 21)


Week 1: Some Scorpios may be experiencing a hernia or some type of muscle pull. The labor you are doing is definitely not bringing on feelings of joy. You are counting down the days til you won’t have to work so hard.
Week 2: A message you were waiting on concerning your career path is delayed for a bit or some flake may have forgotten that you are itching to hear back. When you do finally talk with someone, they aren’t saying the things you had hoped, but I get the feeling that they are misinformed and you are in that game of telephone where no one can get the story straight. I feel too that the informant is a bit of a gossip and needs to focus more on their job description.
Week 3: An important event occurs that ushers in a brand new start. You reflect that June isn’t so shabby after all. Spiritual matters become the focus.
Week 4: You may receive some money from out of the blue from something that you had forgotten about. It helps with a transition you are making in your life. An era is coming to a close and you are eager for the next adventure.


SAGITTARIUS (November 22 – December 21)


Week 1: You feel a bit confused and emotionally drained when it comes to work matters. Ride the waves of energy and don’t fight them. Sit back and watch things happen in their own sweet time.
Week 2: You feel responsible for progress. If you try to push situations that simply aren’t ready, you will only be met with disappointment. All you have to do is state your intention and let Spirit do the rest. You will feel a bit more in control of your life later in the month. Until then, have Faith.
Week 3: Some Sags will do a major overhaul on their religious and spiritual practices. You just don’t agree with what has been taught. Some may decide to leave a church or school behind. The good news is that someone invites you to an event that is more your speed of like-minded souls.
Week 4: Someone you are typically close to seems to be just so contrary lately. Neither one of you will budge. How does it feel to be right? Believe it or not, this can be a great way to better connect with someone for who they are and not what you wish they would be and vice versa.


CAPRICORN (December 22 – January 19)


Week 1: Spend more time out near the water. Some of you may book an appointment with some type of spiritual counsel to check in and make some sense of things. I feel like this person has information that could save you a lot of heartbreak down the road.
Week 2: Someone is trying to get you to spill the beans about what you know. Doing so could cost you, and not just in the pocketbook. It would do you well to keep it to yourself for now. This is a test of your loyalty and it would be wise to pass it.
Week 3: This week is a bit complicated, to say the least. You are anticipating a stressful situation. Actually, you have more working towards your benefit than you realize. Standing by what you believe in will always earn brownie points with The Universe.
Week 4: You don’t like defeating others, but you sure as heck don’t like to be the defeated either! Someone else’s loss is your gain. You’ve won! The fact of the matter is that you didn’t have a lot on your side but you stood your ground and it has paid off. It would be wise of you to gather up your resources and do the responsible thing now. Later on, others will be willing to hear your story.


AQUARIUS (January 20 – February 18)


Week 1: Details you let slide concerning work may come back to bite you on the butt hard. You just figured no one else seemed to care, so why should you? Well, you may find out when a project fails because of something that could’ve easily been handled. Sorry I had to tough love ya.
Week 2: Your public relations skills are on point! It would be wise to give your partner more props or even a bit more affection. You may find yourself googly over some type of celebrity status person or some high ranking individual who has a following. Don’t forget the person who has cheered you on from day one. I feel like you will be spending time around people who are used to the limelight. They may promote you in some way. This will feel like a big success!
Week 3: Some Aquarians may be having hip or gait issues this week. People are noticing that there seems to be something a bit “off” about you, but may be too polite to bring it up. You have a been feeling a bit out of sorts, but don’t care to discuss it much. Someone offers to take a load off your shoulders.
Week 4: There will be an important event to end this month. It may pay homage to “the first” of something. Others will want to gather around and celebrate as well. Travel may play a big role and you will enjoy the change of scenery. Some of you will attend a sporting event and watch from the sidelines. It seems like you are dealing with some physical ailment that is limiting in some way. It is a pain to have to make special arrangements. Don’t risk an injury if you aren’t feeling up to it. There will be other opportunities to participate later. You are too proud to ask for help.


PISCES (February 19 – March 20)


Week 1: You may find yourself thinking back on simpler times and wondering how life got so hard. Family and social connections may bring about some regretful emotional situations. You are clever enough to resolve most of these things if you handle it delicately.
Week 2: Towards the end of this week you may start considering another profession or at least another way of handling a work issue. Some big changes are taking place, but you expected as much. Friends may be battling out and you may have played a teensy role in getting them wound up.
Week 3: Now is not the time to be timid. You are trying to fade into the woodwork because your confidence may have taken a blow, but you really need to speak up. This is especially true in matters of the heart.
Week 4: Problems seem to be vying for your attention. You must really start eating better and getting some exercise in. This may be the reason you feel a bit sluggish and wore down from time to time.


ARIES (March 21 – April 19)


Week 1: You may find out the hard way that some people in your circle are actually mighty corrupt individuals. There may be some issue with you coming right out and telling them exactly what you think. However, you really oughtta just come out with it, because you have more stroke than you think. Right now you have a good business reputation and you don’t take kindly to anyone’s dirty dealings taking you down with them. This will be a big professional step in the right direction.
Week 2: It is finally time to have that conversation that you have been putting off. They won’t like it, but the sooner the better so you can move forward. Make sure you spend the New Moon on the 13th with someone special. You will want them around while you usher in new changes.
Week 3: Friends may convince you to blow off work. More doors will be open to you if you remain productive though. You may hit an unheard of target at work.
Week 4: Your sexiness is amplified and someone is drawn to you so much that they will want to set up a date. I feel like it is all spur of the moment and you answer back “so why not now?!!” This playful adventurous spirit is why they want to get closer.


TAURUS (April 20 – May 20)


Week 1: It is time to buck up and take care of responsibilities. This is especially true when it comes to getting finances in order. Taking in a trip to the movies a few times a year is totally okay, but sometimes you gotta wait for that stuff to come out on Netflix.
Week 2: You really don’t have as much in common with a certain somebody like you used to. They just aren’t seeming as dedicated. I feel like this is a family member or someone you share your home with. They used to seem so solid and now you wonder what the heck is going on with them.
Week 3: The news you have been anticipating for some time now finally comes to light. Now you actually have facts to back up all those feelings! No longer do you have to rely on hearsay. This information will come straight from the horse’s mouth, which is much preferred over gossip.
Week 4: You are feeling like a prayer has been answered concerning work. If you are going to spend lots of time doing something, you need to love it, or you may wind up miserable again. Make time for your labor of love. You are transforming on a professional level.

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