TarotScopes: May Be You Will

It’s time for May Tarotscopes! Last month was likely a lot of planning, but this month we can get a move on lots of things since Mercury goes direct during the first week. We can finally breathe a bit easier now. There is a Full Moon on the 10th which happens in Scorpio and the New Moon in Gemini, on the 25th. So plant seeds literally and figuratively and look ahead to the future!

These are general Tarot readings I do for each sign. While it is likely you will look up your Sun sign, maybe consider you Moon and Rising, too. If you would like to book a more personal reading with me, it is best to visit me on my Facebook page Tarot By Tonyana and send a message.

may tarotscopes

The 7 of Cups is coming up for a lot of signs so that makes me think that many of us are thinking of all the possibilities that exist while we enjoy some solitude. May seems ripe with great opportunities. It is like all the down time has us revved to show off our A Game! On a national scale, we have some big decisions to make. Hopefully our leaders choose wisely. I’m excited to see what is in store for everyone, let’s do this!


TAURUS (April 20 – May 20)


Week 1: Be prepared, you are finally going to figure something out that has tormented you for awhile. It is like you finally see the big cosmic scheme of things. What you thought were failures in the past have led you down this path you wouldn’t have walked otherwise.
Week 2: Before you ask anyone for help (I know you Bulls hate that sorta thing) sit back and think of the issues without your blinders on. Resist the urge to stick with what is comfortable and familiar. Some of you may notice an upheaval of sorts at your work and changes in the power structure.
Week 3: All the havoc of last week has led to some good news concerning your role at work. Career prospects are looking very bright, indeed! Some of you will see a pay increase. Your loved ones will support your ventures every step of the way. There may even be a successful real estate enterprise for some.
Week 4: Some Bulls who have been trying to sell a house will finally be able to. Others may experience some other kind of big pay off. This may also be the most opportune time to fall in love.


GEMINI (May 21 – June 20)

twin power

Week 1: You will be able to keep your head in the game even after encountering a tad of regret this week. Don’t let a setback hold you down from achieving a goal. You are not destined to fail if you don’t receive a certain someone’s approval. Go about your business, regardless. Ask someone who is objective for advice.
Week 2: A family member may be able to give you the funding you need to get something off the ground. There is a neighbor who will give you a hand and save the day somehow. Even strangers seem mighty helpful this week. They all offer a piece of the puzzle that allows you to see the bigger picture.
Week 3: Reach out to someone important this week. Get right to the point and you will get exactly what you want from the conversation. You have lots of ideas and you need to know if this person can help you make any of them happen.
Week 4: There will be an event that you ought to attend that will allow you to talk, network, and team up with people who are like-minded. Take the opportunity to go! This a very successful year for you and this week will leave no doubt of that in your mind. The sky is the limit if you are willing to make the changes necessary. You will have to discipline yourself better. When you are focused, you can make confident decisions.


CANCER (June 21 – July 22)


Week 1: Don’t be in denial about just how much you can realistically accomplish this week on a professional level. This is just a bit of Mercury Retrograde shadow energy laying obstacles in your path, not from lack of effort, to be sure. Cut yourself some slack if you have been putting your nose to the grindstone on the computer. Be patient!
Week 2: A child may act out. They seem to think that they are smarter than you. Instead of being insulted, think about what they said. If you don’t care to eat a bit of crow, you may come to the realization that even though you walked this Earth way before them, they may just be a very wise old soul.
Week 3: You will be in high demand socially and really light up a room. It is so fun to have time spent with grown ups that aren’t also co-workers. After you get all of that out of your system, make time to meditate and be still within.
Week 4: Spiritual pursuits will be of the utmost importance, and there are many. There are certain family struggles that it only seems Divine Intervention can solve. Remember those meditative practices we spoke of last week. If you have been keeping up with them, you ought to be really feeling the benefits now.


LEO (July 23 – Aug 22)


Week 1: Be cautious of making moves in your career that are fueled by emotion and not logic. You are in a better position, but you must not twist the knife out of spite. Make sure all the good that you do is coming from a pure place. You don’t want that kind of negative stuff stealing your joy come crunch time.
Week 2: Some of you may decide to hire some kind of expert like a life coach or a personal trainer to help you clear some things out that are holding you down from your next goal. Give it time. Family time is much more gratifying now than ever.
Week 3: You will be back to being career-minded this week and ought to not let anyone’s dramas infect you this time. Keep an appointment with someone who could help you get ahead of the competition. You will find that social contacts you already have will prove beneficial.
Week 4: Consider taking on a new role that celebrates your spiritual side. You may find yourself in a negative situation, but will intuitively know the most healthy way to handle it. The way you orchestrate this will determine the future of loved ones… but I feel you will make the right choice.


VIRGO (Aug 23 – Sep 22)


Week 1: You will be quite convinced that you are being watched from above and those that have passed on see your efforts. After it is all said and done, you are going to see all the little synchronicities that led you to where you are this week. A big change will take place in romance.
Week 2: Don’t let anyone fool you with flattery. Be more objective about the big picture. If you heed this warning, you will be very successful on the work front. There really isn’t a lot you will need to do, the right clients and projects will wing their way to you.
Week 3: It is fine to move ahead, but be very attentive and use your spidey senses. Have a back up plan in case you find yourself in a situation that gets weird. It is okay to go along with an original plan, it just seems that the people dynamics are a bit off.
Week 4: Again, you are being asked to just let a situation play itself out and having Faith that it will. There will be success, but it won’t come easy. Resolve something with a loved one. Some Virgos may be tying the knot this month! Others may just meet someone special, but take it slow. Also, be okay with letting someone pay your way for a change.


LIBRA (Sep 23 – Oct 22)

a book

Week 1: You won’t settle for ordinary this week. There is a green light to take risks that you might otherwise not have the nerve to. Make sure to stay tuned into the moment at hand. Go with the flow because there is most definitely a sense of being at the right place at the right time by adapting to a change in plans.
Week 2: Some Librans may experience a romantic betrayal, but in time you will see the blessing in knowing sooner than later. Your success does have its limits this month, so play it safe starting this week. A dispute occurs at work and you must play the mediator.
Week 3: You have a feeling that you may be underutilized or passed up at work. Make sure to control your emotions and remain professional if you feel you are getting a raw deal. This really isn’t as big as a deal as you think and you don’t want to say anything that others will hold a grudge about.
Week 4: You are in danger of making a bad decision that may affect you long-term. If you have to get a loan to get something, maybe you ought to see if you can live without it or go another route. I get the feeling that it may give you something new to fret about which may cause you stress and maybe even affect your health down the road.


SCORPIO (Oct 23 – Nov 21)


Week 1: Some Scorpios may meet someone very special while doing volunteer work this week. You love the sense of community! Also, keep your wits about you. There may be a potential troublesome situation that may offset all the progress you have made. For those who work in counsel, this can be a particularly wonderful time. While you help others, you are learning so much about yourself.
Week 2: While you seem impassioned about hard physical work, make sure to not twist something out of whack in the process. You are doing the groundwork to put yourself in a steadier place financially and getting a bit of recognition to boot. The well-being of an elder is a big concern. It would be of the utmost importance to spruce your workspace up a bit in order to think clearly.
Week 3: Your skills will be especially sought after this week. Someone important wants to meet with you. This month is treating you very well!
Week 4: Someone may want to honor you in some way, but you may be too modest to accept. You make up some excuse about being too busy anyways. Some Scorpios can be on the sexy prowl and you may devastate and captivate people with just a look. Watch out world!


SAGITTARIUS (Nov 22 – Dec 21)


Week 1: It would be wise for you to look over your pay stub. Something may be off. Maybe they missed a couple hours or there is a lot more being taken out for insurance, etc, than you thought. When you bring this up to the company’s attention, don’t expect gratitude for pointing it out. You do what needs to be done and look out for yourself. On the romance front, you intuitively know how to put the spotlight on your finer attributes.
Week 2: Love stirs up lots of enthusiastic energy and maybe a tad bit of drama to keep things interesting. Relationships are lots of fun this week, but make sure you don’t wear yourself out. If there is too much time spent together, there may just be a clash of egos and a good partnership can burn out fast.
Week 3: Be more willing to work out relationship snafus. It may put an extra burden on your shoulders, but it is better than the headaches you will have to endure down the road if you don’t. Disagreements are sure to sneak up, but deal with problems as they arise.
Week 4: Resist the urge to point out every flaw of another’s just because your own deep-seated issues. That would be a bad move. Instead say what is really on your mind and in your heart . This requires bravery.


CAPRICORN (Dec 22 – Jan 19)


Week 1: You are inspired by teamwork this week and play well with others. For anything you lack another makes up for and vice versa. You have had adequate reasons in the past to stick to yourself and not let just anyone in, but those days are behind you now.
Week 2: Resist the temptation to expect that proverbial other shoe to drop. Don’t steal from your joy by imagining how all the great things that you are now experiencing could go wrong. Of course, don’t take crazy risks, but do enjoy the things that have come because of all your hard work.
Week 3: I feel that this week you are walking a fine line between caution and overconfidence. Find your balance. I feel that gambling or other forms of speculation would be best avoided, even though you got that feeling that makes your hands itch. It is also advisable not to act out of character when it comes to romantic matters.
Week 4: Don’t miss an opportunity to spend time with family. You may want to find a reason to gather the troops and celebrate at your place. Also, you are way more receptive and forthcoming with a romantic partner now.


AQUARIUS (Jan 20 – Feb 18)

water jugs

Week 1: Aquarians who work from home may find the whole set up more trouble than it is worth. You may think that some new gadget is the answer to your woes. Certain connections you are making now are inspiring you to bring out your innovative side. However, the more people involved, the more likely there will be conflicts. So make sure you are prepared to mediate.
Week 2: Work fast to smooth ruffled feathers. The longer you let a problem fester, the bigger it will get and infect others. If you become careless about this and look the other way it can get VERY ugly.
Week 3: You may find yourself more excited and full of passion about a charitable endeavor than ever before. If you have extra money to throw around, it would be much better to maybe give it to a good cause than on activities you would be wise to quit anyways. Some Aquarians may become quite risqué and let their freak flags fly. There’s no such thing as kiss and tell when you are putting it all on front street, anyways!
Week 4: A romantic interest needs to have more than just sexual chemistry. What will keep you around is intellectual conversations. You will come up for air long enough to discuss everything from philosophy to scientific innovation with that certain someone. You are also wanting to stay involved with someone who has the same interest. So if you haven’t met this person yet it may happen at a class or workshop this week.


PISCES (Feb 19 – March 20)


Week 1: Love and money issues may remain unresolved for a while longer. Family may encourage you to attract someone who is more emotionally and financially stable. It just seems like so much work needs done around your home and others are acting like bumps on a log. Those that care about you are tired of your complaints and want you to just put your foot down already. You will figure out a way for it all to work.
Week 2: Your mental stamina can work circles around your physical energy this week. As they say, your get up and go got up and went. Don’t push yourself or you may end up straining or twisting something out of whack. You are being reminded to take it easy once in a while.
Week 3: Success will be yours if you keep in good spirits! Even those scoundrels that have been causing you problems will go a bit easier on you this week. Some Pisceans will go on a trip with some friends.
Week 4: Some money you had saved may come in handy to get a project off the ground. A mother figure may offer a large amount of money to your endeavors, but you would be wise not to accept it. Some Pisces may be given an heirloom of some sort and told a story of your ancestry. At work, it would be smart to tag along with those who have been in the biz for a while. There may be a certain someone there that you find especially attractive. The conversation flows so smoothly, it is like you have known each other for lifetimes… maybe you have? Some may decide to rent out a home or room to a tenant.


ARIES (March 21 – April 19)


Week 1: Stick firmly to your guns when it comes to having your needs met. The more you attend to what is important to you, the more money you will find accumulating in your bank account. You are very persistent about prosperity right now and there is nothing wrong with that at all.
Week 2: An argument with loved ones over property matters may make you feel alienated. Do not lose your temper and make the situation worse. You just feel like you are the only one working for anything while others get things handed to them on a silver platter.
Week 3: Be extra careful in your career this week. There is a tendency to make a wrong move. It is best to fly under the radar to ensure smooth sailing.
Week 4: Work is filled with ebbs and flows but is important to keep a positive attitude intact. A promotion may be promised, but you have yet to see the rewards of it or feel that wave of power you were hoping for. A special event will occur this week.

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