TarotScopes: No Need to JanuWORRY

Whether you are on that New Year’s Resolution train or not, it certainly lends itself to new starts. I mean, every year carries a new vibration. 2019 breaks down to the number 3 which is the energy of creative expression and communications. So yeah, get excited about that.

The New Moon on the 5th in Capricorn would be high time to get more productive and efficient in order to get ahead business wise. So clean up that desk or tool box, toil through those receipts for taxes, and come up with a system that will put you on the success fast track, baby! The Full Moon in Leo falls on the 21st so maybe do some exercise where you write down all the ways that you are fearful of failing and burn that list! The world needs you to be your optimal self. Let’s raise those vibes this year! I think we can all agree that self-doubt is not a good look.

The 3 of Cups Upright is appearing quite a bit for most signs, so I take it as a great month for getting together with friends and like minds. Get yourself out there! Be open to others entering your circle and learning new things and allow them to get to know you too.

As always, consider your Moon and Rising sign in addition to your Sun. What comes through for each sign is general. If you wish to have a more personalized reading, please visit my Etsy shop or message me on my FB page Tarot By Tonyana.

CAPRICORN (December 22 – January 19)

Week 1: Some of you may be teaming up with a new work associate on a project and will be overjoyed about their competence level compared to some lame brains you used to work with. They seem to anticipate your next move and everything flows beautifully. Meanwhile, you are coming to terms with how a personal relationship may be affecting money flow somehow.
Week 2: Many Capricorns may be in a process of recovery and learning about the merits of self-love. There may even be a spiritual awakening of sorts. For those of you receiving therapy or counsel, keep up with the visits. It is helping!
Week 3: Things may be a bit tough, but keep trudging, you’re almost there! Success is so close you can practically taste it. Please oh please don’t quit now.
Week 4: You have gotten quite adept at working through life’s many cycles. There may have been a marked difference since that last Full Moon. You may find yourself more creative and wanting to visit an art supply store or just entertaining the thought of joining community theater, things of that nature. All you know is that life feels much more magical than it did even a month ago. You will have to plan your days out just so to pack in all the fun! Spontaneity is more your speed right now. A psychic experience is likely this week.

AQUARIUS (January 20 – February 18)

Week 1: A friend has exciting news to share, but it also means you probably won’t see them as much because of it. Make sure to meet up with them to share in their joy and plot ways that you will stay in each others lives. Give them good advice for the road that lays before them.
Week 2: There may be some inconvenient construction happening in your neighborhood or you typical route to work. Make sure to get any car issues looked at because you definitely don’t want that thing breaking down in traffic. For those of you who take a bike, be cautious of some jerk vehicle drivers splashing puddles or hoarding the road. I may be taking that message too literally… it could mean someone in your life just attempting to push their weight around.
Week 3: There is a big warning not to mix business and pleasure. It would surely not pan out. You are smart enough to not get your hunny where you make your money… but it is awfully tempting. This person will turn out to be a real turd and it is best avoided. Talk to a friend who has flirted with such a disaster and heed their warnings.
Week 4: There’s so much going on and you want to be a part of it all, but you need to get some rest too. A relationship shift seems predestined somehow. As the song goes, “If it’s meant to be, it will be.” You may be given an ultimatum that makes you a bit uncomfortable and unsupported. Everything seems so up in the air right now. Make time for friends this week.

PISCES (February 19 – March 20)

Week 1: Get together with others this week to do some crafty group projects and maybe drink a bit of wine while you are at it. Really only hang with the closest members of your tribe and put quality before quantity when it comes to friends. If your besties are interested in spiritual pursuits like opening that third eye… all the better.
Week 2: Your intellect is on fire! Not only can you absorb things for academic merit, but you can also read and understand body language very accurately. You notice just how much two people that you care about really love each other. They are a bit too comfortable with each other to just be crushes. Some of you may be the first to spot an engagement ring or baby bump on a friend. You give your blessing and vow to keep things hush.
Week 3: Take it easy or else you may suffer an injury. There is something you haven’t quite recovered from and if you are reckless, you will be back to square one. Allow yourself to fully heal please. If only you looked out for yourself like you do everyone else. Carry some black tourmaline in your pocket for protection.
Week 4: The focus is on your relationship this week. It would help you to not ask so many questions and just trust that another is looking out for you. Just sit back and let them surprise you (in a good way this time).

ARIES (March 21 – April 19)

Week 1: An unfinished project looming around can really make things more tense than need be. Don’t get too creative about how to finish it, if you cut corners, it will be noticed. You can do this completely and in the right way… just take a breath.
Week 2: Someone finds you to be a force to be reckoned with at work. You have no time for incompetence. It is exhausting to baby-sit people and practically do their job for them when you have too much of your own responsibilities piling up. Work on your patience a bit, Aries.
Week 3: Someone that you have always been there for suddenly seems a bit less important. You have a breakthrough that it never served you to be at their beck and call. They are shocked that you can just “abandon” them like that. This person must really learn to be more responsible anyhow. You aren’t cutting them out completely, you are just empowering them to figure it out.
Week 4: You may receive a message from a love interest of news that isn’t so wonderful. I get the sense that they are using flowery language to conceal something more troubling. This person has played an innate role of helping you restructure your beliefs into something more healthy, so it pains you to think they aren’t being 100% about some issue they are going through.

TAURUS (April 20 – May 20)

Week 1: This month will be very impactful on the rest of your year and have quite an effect on you. It is a new beginning of sorts. 2019 will be all about doing new things and responding totally different than you have before. Expect miracles is all I’m saying!
Week 2: You feel left behind. There’s a person, a couple, or a group that simply doesn’t want to be around you much anymore. Don’t lose your temper about it. Just accept that your journey with those people has ended.
Week 3: Release your woes to a Higher Power to work themselves out. Think about anything else. Keep a dream journal handy.
Week 4: You end the month on a high note. The odds were stacked against you, but you overcame them. A conflict is finally resolved in your favor.

GEMINI (May 21 – June 20)

Week 1: Someone may accuse you of taking the lazy route on the job or putting off something in hopes that some other poor sap will have to do it. While they may not be altogether wrong, that person will get bumped up to the top of your shit list. Go easy on them, especially if it was hearsay. Regardless, your poor prioritizing has been noticed and you are being watched at this point. You are typically the exception to every rule. In this instance… not so much.
Week 2: What you are feeling isn’t paranoia, it’s pretty legit. Here’s the thing, being so concerned about some haters is stunting your creativity and voice. Don’t let them win. Also, some kind of debt stares you in the face.
Week 3: Worries and stress may be making an old health issue resurface. You need to find a way to feel good and secure. Running away is not the answer, but delving deeper may be. It is important so these triggers don’t keep popping up at vulnerable times. Pay attention to your responses to things. Gosh! It appears to be a challenging month for Gemini, yet it has so much potential for growth!
Week 4: Surround yourself with deep thinkers. There’s nothing to be intimidated by in a room of intellectuals, you can definitely hang. You may find your friends to be true humanitarians and game changers. This is the start of your new path.

CANCER (June 21 – July 22)

Week 1: Single Cancers would do well to be willing to look outside their typical type for potential romantic partners. For already coupled Cancers you will find that the two of you communicate without words more and more these days and can tune into each other’s feelings effortlessly. You two are about to embark on a whole new start. It may be rocky, but you guys are golden!
Week 2: This may be an emotionally depleting week for you and your hunny, but you must remain strong! I mean, go ahead and release some tears for therapy’s sake, but you are by no means down for the count. You two have risen up against so many odds stacked against you and you got this too. It won’t happen overnight. Be aware of what isn’t being said. There’s an issue involving personal boundaries and plans. You are swinging from feeling included to excluded and it is messing with you.
Week 3: You decide not to include someone in an event because you have no time for frenemies. Everyone seems especially attractive this week, for some reason. This can be a very tempting time for coupled Cancers. Use those lusty vibes and dance with the one that brought ya. It’s easy to feel attracted to exciting people in powerful positions, but EVERYONE has their bullshit. Remember that. The grass isn’t always greener on the other side.
Week 4: Make sure you don’t overextend yourself because you may have to apologize all over the place later, if so. I just get the sense that a wonderful trip or opportunity may be offered and you will have to accept immediately. If you are wrapped up in everything you may not be able take advantage of it.

LEO (July 23 – August 22)

Week 1: You may find yourself celebrating with someone you work closely with. The two of you vow to be more dedicated and responsible concerning a certain goal. You may take a trip with a group of people and have some shared epiphanies.
Week 2: Someone who has your heart may want to go the extra distance with you finally. While it may be tempting to get all caught up in another, make sure to not sweep aside the things that you have been working on for your own betterment. The whirlwind of emotions that this all brings to the surface can be a bit much. You’re happy, but also a bit peeved about the timing. Go ahead and discuss your concerns. Remember, you don’t have to know the future… you just need to stay present.
Week 3: A fantasy comes true! It’s a great week, but you can’t get too used to everything falling into place like this all the time. If you expect to ride this wave forever, you are in for a rude awakening. A conversation with someone you are intensely interested in will have you googling names and sleuthing social media.
Week 4: It’s an intense time for relationships. You are being shown just how much someone cares for you. Don’t get swept away. Keep your wits about you and be practical.

VIRGO (August 23 – September 22)

Week 1: You have a positive turn of mind and your faith is growing stronger. There is much potential this month. While it is true that you may be feeling a lack of love reciprocated, you can also take a step back and see how blessed your life is otherwise. You get the sense that there is someone special out there who will appreciate what you bring to the table. Soon that wish becomes reality.
Week 2: An important event happens this week and it’s effect will last for quite a bit. It will have you reevaluating your life and wonder if you ought to continue on the same path. You just aren’t completely satisfied. The current path seems to be beneficial for everyone else, but not you.
Week 3: Financing on something important may fall through right when you had your heart set. Support dries up. You are left paying the bill.
Week 4: You may feel left behind and forgotten or even a bit irrelevant to the peoples’ lives you care about. Don’t go trying to buy anyone’s love. That kind of stuff never works and you just end up feeling more used.

LIBRA (September 23 – October 22)

Week 1: You may not know what the heck to do with yourself this week. It may have to do with a relationship that just doesn’t seem to be going much of anywhere. Money goes as soon as you make it because you seem to be making not so wise purchases or activities. You really ought to be focused more on saving at this time.
Week 2: It is hard to know what to make of some of the characters that inhabit your life. Some of them are downright foolish, it seems. They seem very unbalanced and you don’t agree with how they prioritize things. Well Libra, tough love time, they are thinking the very same about you.It would be much more helpful to dig deep why you get so annoyed rather than projecting.
Week 3: You experience a passionate victory and you are riding high energy because of it! Where you were once rejected you will be fought over for. The tables have turned and everything is right in the world again. You aren’t one to recover from a rebuff a 100%, but you have to admit this is a sweet plot twist. Good for you! This is the result of deciding not to burn bridges all that time ago.
Week 4: Your status is changed and it is everything you wanted. It gives you a sense of accomplishment. Also, now that something is official, you no longer have to put your life on hold. It’s full steam ahead now, baby! There’s no looking back.

SCORPIO (October 23 – November 21)

Week 1: Resist sinking your teeth into some forbidden fruit. It is very likely to backfire on you fast. Believe me, this isn’t what you want long-term anyways.
Week 2: Contemplate why you respond to things as you do. It is important for you to recognize the dark thoughts you have sometimes and how you have potential to do some irreparable damage with some of that energy you seethe off. There may be a few Scorpios out there that are sweethearts, but the rest of you know that you keep this vileness inside of you locked up. Thing is… this week can be extra challenging.
Week 3: An important event may happen that will bring a certain situation to completion. You are so relieved to leave it behind. There’s so much you are free to explore now, but the options leave you a bit perplexed. You love the changes, for sure, it’s just a matter of making a decision where to put your energy.
Week 4: Someone behaves a bit severe with you and you aren’t quite sure what to make of it. It is unclear to you what you may have done to set them off. They seem to have a better memory and have uncovered something you thought was buried. You aren’t a big fan of passive aggressiveness. Coming right out and asking what’s up is probably the best move.

SAGITTARIUS (November 22 – December 21)

Week 1: It would do you well to spend time on or around bodies of water this week, if possible. You need to get away from the hustle and bustle of it all. Getting out in nature will give you some much needed peace of mind.
Week 2: You may feel a bit alienated, like everyone just kinda left you out in the cold and not a part of something. It just seems like someone is going out of their way to undermine you. Because of their antics you are left taking care of most of the nitty gritty work. Try to stay positive because the stress may leave you susceptible to a bug that is going around.
Week 3: Anything you want done will have to be done all by your lonesome. You have helped out so many in the past, and now when you could use a little oomph there’s no one in sight. I feel like this mostly has to do with a work situation.
Week 4: Focus more on saving than spending. Make a game of being frugal and really stretch those resources. This energy may seem a bit discouraging, but it is forcing you to be creative and willing to see the truth about who really has your back. You are only getting stronger and wiser because of it.

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