TarotScopes: Shock and August


It’s already August! Look up your Sun, Moon and/or Rising sign to get an idea of what is ahead. If you know all three of those things, I’m impressed. Mars enters Sagittarius on August 2nd, so there will be an air of competition around. Also, on the same day, there will be a New Moon in Leo. There will be a sense of adventure and excitement, no doubt. Get those plans into action and expect to see something come of it by late next month. The Full Moon will be in Aquarius on August 18, so cut cords and release what is no longer working. A card that seemed to pop up for lots of signs was The Chariot which makes me feel that many of you really finally gain control of an ongoing situation.

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LEO (July 23 – August 22)


WEEK 1: There promises to be a fresh start. You receive some recognition at work and it gives you a bit of gratification. There will be a love message that takes you by surprise and it will be quite pleasant. Nothing can prepare you for these changes. Before you commit to something or someone completely, it may be wise to test the waters a bit. Your choice may affect your finances. No matter, you tend to bounce back quickly.
WEEK 2: Things may come up a bit shorter than expected. You may feel alone in your stance. This is a feeling you had better get used to. You give to what you believe is a worthy cause while others poo-poo that decision. It is the right thing to do. Just give what you can, a tithing, if you will, to any cause or person you feel passionate about. You do it to right a wrong or to make peace with yourself. No one needs to know that part. Once it is done, you feel better about moving forward. This builds character.
WEEK 3: Get yourself in a comfortable mindset. You will pretty much be just along for the ride. There is a standstill and all you can do is wait. Something is about to begin again; there is no avoiding it. Make sure you keep your thoughts positive. You may be in the dark about romantic issues. A love interest may cause you to want to move in another direction with your life. Should you decide to, it won’t be easy.
WEEK 4: Something you have wanted for a very long time finally happens, but reality falls mighty flat of what you had envisioned. A union may dissolve just as quickly as it was formed. Money problems may arise. You are trying too hard to be everything to everyone. Some of you may be trying to juggle two separate relationships. It will wear you out. There’s no way this can end well. You decide to seek advice.


VIRGO (August 23 – September 22)


WEEK 1: You may find yourself drowning because of another’s overwhelming needs. It will certainly wreck havoc on your mood. Try not to snip at the wrong person because they have some useful information for you. If they shut down, there may not be future positive exchanges. You need to get your head around something. People just don’t seem to understand how much you are actually dealing with. Thing is, circumstances aren’t exactly inviting you to communicate things in an out in the open kind of way. The possibility of upcoming travel plans is the only thing that is keeping you going. It helps you to daydream about faraway places and helps to regain some focus.
WEEK 2: If you were a turtle, you would just be retreating into your shell for awhile. You are quite done with all the self absorbed types that you have to deal with everyday. You decide to put yourself first for a change, no one else is going to apparently. Be careful that you do not isolate yourself. There is a difference between enjoying solitude and no longer tolerating others. Find activities that feed your soul.
WEEK 3: After a rough couple of weeks, your love life and money situation improves. Your zest for life and social graces return. Some Virgos may even meet the love of their lives!
WEEK 4: A certain someone finds your faith to be a very attractive quality. You don’t mind spending a bit of money on a workshop or class you find enticing. The things you learn now you will no doubt profit from later.


LIBRA (September 23 – October 22)


WEEK 1: The need becomes stronger for you to associate yourself with the community and take part in things, but the very thought throws you off balance. An idea you had put on the back-burner a while back finally can be realized. You are still a bit skittish about it, though. It has to do with networking and technology. You find yourself very restless mentally and others may think you’re a bit flaky because of it. The truth is, you still feel uncomfortable in groups and prefer to form strong one-on-one connections.
WEEK 2: Now the social engagements are really coming to the fore. You meet like-minded souls that you have wanted in your life for a very long time. Someone wants to give you something mighty special. Be flexible and willing to make things happen. It would still be smart to not disclose EVERYTHING that passes through your mind. Others may have been oblivious as to what you have been through. Somehow that surprises you. Why would it when you have basically been hiding in a cave for some time? You decide to pull some strings for someone. It is wise to showcase your nurturing abilities and it will be very beneficial for you. This very caring side of you may spark another very innovative idea.
WEEK 3: You receive some heavy information, but the time is not right to share it with others. It would only add stress to their already volatile situation. They may take the message the wrong way, too.
WEEK 4: If you are proactive, social media can really improve your situation. Someone from your past tries to creep back, but you decide to keep that failed attempt at a reunion to yourself. They simply have no idea how much hurt they caused so long ago.


SCORPIO (October 23 – November 21)


WEEK 1: Be very aware of the rules enforced by government officials and do what is needed to prove that you are an upstanding citizen. You may be spending more time networking, probably more so online. Make sure the things you say and post do not inspire jealousy in others. You particularly admire another’s unusual style.
WEEK 2: A female seems very helpful, but after awhile you just find her too needy. You make time for friends and socializing. A group you are associated with may aid your financial situation or help you gain property somehow.
WEEK 3: Your muscles come in very handy! There will be a community project that begs your attention. You could stand to benefit from a Facebook group or a website like MeetUp.com where you connect with like-minded individuals. Someone special may enter you life as a result.
WEEK 4: Encourage yourself more. Let go of limiting expectations of HOW or WHEN you will get there, just know you will. Make things work to your benefit. Times like this will build strong foundations of character.


SAGITTARIUS (November 22 – December 21)


WEEK 1: Someone is moving on and you simply can’t do a thing about it. You remain friends, but it really isn’t the same. There is an undeniable feeling that you are growing apart from this person. This will begin a new phase for you. In your heart, you wanted to continue on or in a secret place hope that the two of you can pick up at a later time down the road. It’s difficult because you feel like this person “gets you” more than any other.
WEEK 2: You long to feel inspired again and have a sense of purpose. Take care, your future looks brighter than your past. There seems to be such a void and you dream of feeling loved the way you are willing to love another.
WEEK 3: You will make great headway toward a goal and finally all that manifesting is producing results. Make sure you communicate directly to make sure that you are on the same page with others as far as what the end result should be. There is some expert from a different cultural background that may be able to help you substantially. They give you some tips on the dos and don’ts of communicating. You welcome them on your team. It feels like finding a lost piece of a puzzle!
WEEK 4: Finances are in tip top shape. A wise teacher helped you get to a place to allow this kind of abundance in. You feel this person is always in your corner and they are a hoot to talk with. It is time for you to take further action on what they have been advising. Stamina and vitality are needed in order to achieve this goal. Be more proactive.


CAPRICORN (December 22 – January 19)


WEEK 1: Life is changing quite a bit and you intuitively feel it in every cell within your body. There is often a sorrowful feeling for no apparent reason it seems. You will have to make a concerted effort to hear someone’s take on an issue. It has something to do with legalities.
WEEK 2: There will be talk of traveling to a place you have never been. In anticipation of the area, you shop for brighter colors and vibrant designs in clothing. This will be a great trip and will offer a breath of fresh air in more ways than one.
WEEK 3: Some of you may publish a book or start a blog. It will be a way of guiding others to make informed decisions, which is super important nowadays. You are well aware of how you have gained much emotional depth. This can be a good or bad thing, depending on the direction you go.
WEEK 4: You feel especially romantic and make a special connection with someone. The two of you will benefit from a mutual interest you have. Negotiations will lean in your favor because the other person truly has your best interests at heart.


AQUARIUS (January 20 – February 18)


WEEK 1: You really bond with another person and may decide to team up and do some business. Ideas need to be approached in a very strategic way and you ought see them through before starting something else. You sense something in your gut which prompts you to take someone aside and offer advice.
WEEK 2: It may shock you how passionate you start to feel about someone. When handling this, it is important not to come from a place of ego. I feel this is more a personal association than a professional one.
WEEK 3: Some of you may be getting married! It makes you feel awesome to be sharing the rest of your life with someone so special. You truly believe in that whole “through sickness and health” part of the vows especially. This relationship is very rewarding.
WEEK 4: Your life now is heading into a completely different direction than what you thought you wanted 8 years ago. For one, you are way more willing to take others’ feelings into consideration. You now see it as a bit of a moral privilege to be able to provide for another or to at least do your half. The answers you seek will be answered with your heart rather than your mind.


PISCES (February 19 – March 20)


WEEK 1: You really ought to make more time in your life to prepare healthy food and get moving physically. Communicate with people whom you think you have nothing in common with, you may see why they think the way they do and you will be wiser for it. The weird thing is, even though you have so much to gain from this collaboration, they come to you because they see your expertise. You will be able to reasonably interact with co-workers again. Put effort into achieving your goals and ambitions concerning career. Care more about the impression you are making on the boss. They have always assumed you find them a bit stupid and demanding which explains the tension you feel with every interaction.
WEEK 2: You share a pretty sad story with someone. Hearing yourself say these things aloud will help you realize just how much you have evolved and the compassion you have gained as a result of these experiences. Look back at your life around your last Saturn Seven Cycle… years (levels) 7, 14, 21, 28, 35, etc. What were the important lessons? The pattern that emerges may rock your world! You are especially aware of strong psychic vibrations from others.
WEEK 3: No matter where you find yourself, you still feel like a lost soul. Establish yourself in a new way while you are making your mark in the world. Your opportunities will widen because of those you associate with. They will be blown away by your experience, but you appreciate their fresh way of looking at things. You must make time in your life to help those who need it.
WEEK 4: Be very cautious of who you are helping and who you may be enabling, this will be imperative in the direction your life is headed. The potential for long-lasting romantic love grows. Anticipate smooth sailing.


ARIES (March 21 – April 19)


WEEK 1: You are gung-ho about any challenge and are definitely on the move. There is a warning to cool your jets at least a bit and not get too antsy. Socially, you seem to fit into any group. You may be studying different spiritual paths and learning about alternative lifestyles.
WEEK 2: An opportunity that was presented to you back in April presents itself again, and this time you get the green light. This is a chance to make your life even sweeter. Now is not the time to over-indulge in escapism, like too much food, wine or… internet activities. The obstacles that were in your path before have resolved, so take advantage of that. Like they say in the world of sales, “Every no eventually leads to a yes.” It is time to cash in.
WEEK 3: Your spiritual beliefs have probably changed quite a bit since 2014. The determination you put into your studies and rituals have produced results. Some of these things you may have done in secret, like Full Moon rituals and such. Not everyone you share your life with would understand such practices. I hope you took advantage of the momentum because things will likely be slowing down just a tad. Find a way to prepare and have a chunk of money to really enjoy a bit of travel next month. Dig deep and figure out what means the most to you in life.
WEEK 4: There may be legal paperwork to be concerned about. It won’t keep you bogged down for too long because there promises to be a lot of joy and love to experience. You crave lots of stimulation and will get it! Take a short road trip.


TAURUS (April 20 – May 20)


WEEK 1: There may be lots of thoughts about the past that come back to haunt you. Also, it does you no favors to keep giving yourself a hard time over things that occurred so long ago. It would be wise to do a New Moon ritual or some affirmations to allow other fresh things to take the place of the past. Start off on a clean slate with loved ones with whom there has been a rift.
WEEK 2: There needs to be a talk between you and another over shared resources. Discuss property matters and finances. You may want to buy land or build on your home in some way. Some of you may decide to ask for a loan. It seems like you have been dealing with the same hassles and worries since the beginning of the year and now you have to bite the bullet and ask for help.
WEEK 3: The squeakiest wheel gets the grease, but don’t think shoving people around is going to make others move any faster. This won’t be easy. It will be a slow-go and your patience has already wore thin. You just want to be considered as someone’s priority once in awhile.
WEEK 4: You are under another’s thumb, but they don’t know who they are dealing with! Don’t cower and you will make life a heck of a lot easier for you going into September. It is imperative that you find some type of labor of love to keep you passionate about life.


GEMINI (May 21 – June 20)


WEEK 1: Reoccurring themes or issues concerning your home life are getting lots of attention right now. It is important not to sweep this under the rug any longer. You feel something is a bit off and you aren’t quite sure what to do about it. Finances and love get kind of messy. I heard a wise woman say, “Romance without finance is a nuisance.” This is becoming pretty clear.
WEEK 2: Things seem to be moving at a snail’s pace. There’s nothing you can do to make the process go quicker. Those of you who didn’t take advantage of the stream of opportunity last month will have an even harder time. It would do you well to spend more time with family. Your love life can also improve and grow… but effort is required.
WEEK 3: Happiness can be found when it comes to connections with the past. The only real exception to that rule is exes, you cast them out for a reason. Remember that. You may get an invite to a wedding, anniversary, or some other celebration. Get together with loved ones.
WEEK 4: Be more willing to hug and show affection towards others, even when you worry you may be invading some sort of personal space. They may need that pat on the back more than you will ever know. Avoid getting into long-winded conversations about their woes. You communicate you are in their corner without saying a single thing.


CANCER (June 21 – July 22)


WEEK 1: August will be an important month for you. Some of you may gain property or a new home. You will be thinking of someone who is far away, you long to talk with them face to face. Even though you are a bit apprehensive about seeing a project through to its end, you will be glad you did because it will solve a dilemma. So even though the whole process may frustrate, confuse, and drive you bat shit crazy, you mustn’t give up. If you resist, it will make it worse.
WEEK 2: You can’t force a situation to happen before its time. Some of you may be trying too hard to make a relationship happen. Give others the space and time that is needed. In the mean time, enjoy the simple things in life like lemonade stands and ice cream trucks. You make a little less money than you expected to.
WEEK 3: Someone really important shows up at an event. There will be music involved. You are accepted into this person’s good graces without question. Don’t bombard them with any request just yet, enjoy their presence for now.
WEEK 4: Do something to honor the environment. Be around others who enjoy and marvel at the wonders of nature as much as you do. You will get a premonition while you are doing outdoorsy things that will prove itself scary accurate. It will cause you to pay attention to certain patterns in your life that make things more predictable so you can plan accordingly. You are more powerful than you know! There is still a secret longing for the one that got away and as great as new love interest is, you can’t help but wonder if the old flame ever feels the same. Watch out because that is coming from a place of lack and may cause you to get discouraged and not see all you have to be grateful for right now.

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