TarotScopes: the Augustest!

I don’t know about you guys, but July was a particularly rough month for me and I’m glad to invite August in. There was one day that Wi-fi wasn’t working at a pet-sitting gig and I was forced to slow down and face some fear demons. But you know what? I faced those pesky things, and for the most part, they aren’t looming around anymore. That pretty much sums up retrograde and eclipse season. 

The first week of August has some fortunate trines that oughta fatten up our wallets or at least help them from decreasing further. Uranus goes retrograde for five months on the 11th so be willing to look within for new ways of handling things. You know what’s not retrograde? Mercury, thank goodness! I mean, I always wait about ten days after to sign contracts and such after it goes direct (which happened on 7/31). Gotta shake off that residue, ya know. The Aquarius Full Moon will have us considering where we stand in certain social groups and organizations on the 15th. The next day may be challenging because of some squaring off between Mercury and Uranus, not everyone may find your out of the box thinking revolutionary. On the 23rd we will have both the Sun and Venus in the service-oriented sign of Virgo, so you may just find yourself whistling a happy diddy while working and people seem more helpful for the next few weeks. Around the 26-28 there are some trines with Venus, Uranus, and Mars that will make people a bit more adventurous in how they approach intimate relationships. The New Moon in Virgo will hopefully usher in great health reports and good starts to fitness regimes.


The Knight of Swords is coming in for most signs so I take this as a need to be very forthcoming and not mince words this month. It is mighty refreshing when another says what they mean and mean what they say. Transparency may be just what the doctor ordered! As always, consider your Moon and Rising sign in addition to your Sun. What comes through for each sign is general. If you wish to have a more personalized reading message me on my FB page Tarot By Tonyana or email: libratarot@hotmail.com

Let’s see what August has for us….

LEO (July 23 – August 22)

Week 1: Loved ones that have passed may be trying to reach you, but you have been too distracted with life trivialities to see it. Some of you may visit a medium to confirm what you have been feeling. Remember, to never give your power over to another… you know your situation best. 
Week 2: Some of you will enjoy a sweet victory this week. Where there is a will there is a way and you have come so far! Be sure to continue to assert yourself well to keep getting the royal treatment.
Week 3: Someone is trying to get you to move a bit faster. Their pushing may be dangerous if you are truly opposed. If you are in a position where you feel that you can’t say no, maybe keep notes about each interaction. 
Week 4: You simply don’t know what to do. Don’t keep busy just so you are doing something… spinning your wheels won’t get you anywhere. At work, you may feel like your role is kind of pointless right now and not quite sure what is expected. 

VIRGO (August 23 – September 22)

Week 1: You have this sneaking suspicion that someone spilled some embarrassing beans about you. If someone totally changes their plans with you or doesn’t respond back to messages, you can be certain that Big Mouth had something to do with it. Maybe think twice before confiding in this person again.
Week 2: Computer problems may hold you back. Instead of getting frazzled, take it as your cue to slow down. Use this opportunity to indulge in some self care while the bugs are getting worked out. 
Week 3: You get to deliver some shockingly good news to someone this week. I feel like it has something to do with health and fitness. You have an unique take on an old problem and they would love to know what your secret is. 
Week 4: The month ends with you in the best of spirits. You have worked so hard for a week like this! Maybe create a Songs of Summer playlist and host a barbecue or pool party.

LIBRA (September 23 – October 22)

Week 1: What a perfectly balanced week for the Libra folk out there! As long as you shoot for moderation in all things, everything oughta be easy peasy. I also wanna say that you may want to avoid harsh judgmental types who don’t understand what gray areas are.
Week 2: Someone may want to pay you ahead of time for work you aren’t even finished with yet. Don’t argue, in fact, start expecting this sort of treatment. Besides, they know you will go above and beyond if they treat you nice.
Week 3: You still have so much work ahead of you. Because you feel a bit overwhelmed on the career front, you may neglect your relationship — don’t do that! Romance has to be maintained too.
Week 4: It would behoove you to be as direct and blunt as possible. Some people may be taken aback by it… but those are not your people. Flowery language will only get you in frustrating circumstances right now. Sometimes people need things spelled out for them. Don’t try to spare feelings, because tough love (especially from you) will have huge impacts down the road for the better. Just say what needs saying. 

SCORPIO (October 23 – November 21)

Week 1: You may get a bit snippy with others because you feel a bit overwhelmed by your surroundings. Everyone seems just so damn perky and overly enthusiastic, it makes you want to puke. You wish people could just be more raw and authentic.
Week 2: Overworking and being sleep deprived may be a recipe for you to get a bit slap-happy and silly. Find a way to get some rest. You don’t want to be seen as lax or unprofessional. Get your game face on.
Week 3: Focus on organization projects at home. Once the clutter is gone, you will be able to think much more clearly. It will bring a sense of peace too.
Week 4: Connecting with co-workers, colleagues, and clients may seem like a bit of a struggle these days. Small talk isn’t exactly your favorite thing. However, someone enters the scene that will keep you at the edge of your seat with fascination.

SAGITTARIUS (November 22 – December 21)

Week 1: This week may contain a crisis of sorts. No one can seem to stick to plans and it is upsetting the whole proverbial apple cart. It just seems like it is a downward spiral of nonsense. Luckily, this energy won’t last forever.
Week 2: There may be an upset to expectations and agreements. When it rains, it pours. Traveling plans may become a mess as well. Try to settle in for a bit.
Week 3: It seems like you are being made to jump through hoops for something that isn’t going to be offered to you anyhow, at least not anytime soon. No one seems to want to give you a straight answer. Again, you may wanna just lay low for a while till your time comes.
Week 4: Your applications may not be making the impression you’d have hoped. Everything is happens for a reason. Sometimes obstacles are blessings in disguise.

CAPRICORN (December 22 – January 19)

Week 1: Capricorn parents may be feeling like you aren’t making much progress with their kids this Summer as you may have hoped to. There may be a learning curve that is growing more evident. Be patient with them because the last thing they would want to think is that you are disappointed. For all other Cappies, just be extra sensitive with lil ones and animals.
Week 2: You may wanna get your own stuff straightened out before you go volunteering your services. Also, sharpen your skills before you try to take on an apprentice. You may think it is like a bike or swimming, once you get back to it easy-peasy… think again.
Week 3: The ol Spidey senses aren’t as accurate right now because you are too close to the situation. Maybe rely on logic instead this week. However, if something feels unnatural or forced, pay attention to that. 
Week 4: You may get an opportunity to go to an event that celebrates natural living and spirituality. The food we consume and the process of what it goes through before it hits our plate carries an energy that we ought not stay oblivious to. You will become especially concerned about any chemicals or processes that may be affecting children.

AQUARIUS (January 20 – February 19)

Week 1: Babies and the elderly figure prominently this week. You may marvel how those very different age groups seem to light up each others worlds. It may be a wonderful idea to volunteer at a nursery or nursing home.
Week 2: While it is a great thing to recognize another’s talents, please don’t be the kind who pushes them outside their comfort zone. You may think you are being helpful, but someone may dig their heels in and never explore that part of themselves if you are too eager. Your hunch is correct, but they must discover it on their own.
Week 3: Some Aquarians will pass a test or nab an interview with flying colors. Your new status will spark some good interest amongst those that matter. The right answers seem to just flow through you effortlessly.
Week 4: Make sure not to seem insensitive when discussing another’s kid. This child needs quality time and that may be the reason they act out. Maybe there are other kids or distractions and they never feel focused on. So if they seem more extra than usual or throw a tantrum, try to see yourself as you were at their age.

PISCES (February 20 – March 20)

Week 1: You have a good feeling about how to make some extra income flow your way. The ideas you are coming up with are gold! Go through your contact list and see what people are up to and if they know of anyone who would be interested in what you can provide. 
Week 2: Support comes in quick and fast. It seems that people are chomping at the bit to help and all you need to do is make a phone call. Pisces parents ought to be extra attentive to their children this week. They seem to want you all to themselves and ANY attention may do if you don’t oblige. 
Week 3: Have a wait and see approach this week. Anything with mermaids or seashells on it seems to be especially lucky. You cannot tolerate fake people or egotistical me-monsters.
Week 4: You must let things happen in their own time. Spend as much time in or next to water as you can. It would bode you well to go on a vacation now, if possible.

ARIES (March 21 – April 19)

Week 1: It may be choppy seas this week. Something seemingly unfathomable may happen, but realize that it will all make sense later. Clarity is just not an easy thing to come by right now. Have Faith.
Week 2: People will be mighty amazed at how quick you pick up a new technique. It is almost like you are an old shoe at it before you get a handful of sessions in. Be sure to not be too show-offy because it may discourage others who aren’t naturals at this sort of thing.
Week 3: If you make a concerted effort to learn from your mistakes and not repeat them, your whole life may change for the best this week. One of those things would be to maintain healthy boundaries by walking away from situations that have long since expired. It’s like you have one foot in the past and the other in the future… freedom is on the other side of fear. Let go and make the leap already!
Week 4: People may not realize how intelligent you really are and they will rue the day the ever underestimated you. One of the reasons they peg you as gullible is that you seem to fall for a sob story rather easily. Just tune in a little bit more and you will see that someone isn’t being very authentic.

TAURUS (April 20 – May 20)

Week 1: Last month has made you a bit more able and willing to play hard ball. In all areas of your life, you refuse to stay quiet any longer. Some people won’t know what to make of this feistier version of you.
Week 2: It would behoove you to embrace more opportunities that force you to be vulnerable and brave. This will build up incredible amounts of inner resolve. Your emotional intelligence is definitely sharp these days.
Week 3: You will make so many leaps and bounds emotionally this week. It can be challenging, but you are up for it. If you surrender to the challenge you will find yourself liberated finally.
Week 4: Wait before making any big changes to your living situation. I feel like you are on the brink of a huge relationship move, but just wait for further information. You need to learn more about the people or area you are considering making a staple in your life.

GEMINI (May 21 – June 20)

Week 1: You may be entertaining that inner critic that never has anything encouraging to say. This is a self-defeating pattern that needs to stop NOW. You really must get out more. Even just for little bits of time. Isolating yourself could prove detrimental.
Week 2: Make plans to grab some coffee with someone or check out a workshop together. It will be a great time! This person will probably cause you some wonderful belly laughs mixed with some snorts. If that is the case, ask when the next time you can get together will be. You need this kind of energy right now.
Week 3: Be careful not to invest your whole heart into someone at this time. Keep it casual until they prove their worth. Many of you will need to heal your heart a bit more before you can trust another with it again.
Week 4: Success is coming on very quickly this week from multiple sources! You feel in harmony with the Universe. Just allow yourself to soak up those happiness rays. It’s been a long time coming.

CANCER (June 21 – July 22)

Week 1: You may be feeling like your hands are tied in a particular situation. This feeling of powerlessness is very uncomfortable. There is just too much red tape to cut through right now.
Week 2: No action is probably the best strategy. There is a mysterious energy afoot. You kind of feel that if you don’t get involved things will work out without your hands getting messy. You’d be right.
Week 3: You may be indulging in some pipe dreams. Come back down to Earth. There’s nothing wrong with aspiring to bigger and better things, but you have to work with what is available to you now. There are no quick fixes.
Week 4: Stop burning that candle at both ends. You really can’t go on for much longer than this. Some of you may need to talk to a therapist or at least get a reading (wink) to gain some insight on an area you feel stuck in.   

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