Ten Minutes with Cchris and Amandoll

Cchris Day, an international holiday of renown, is upon us. August 3rd of every year is the day of the year that you should break out your little cchris poppet and dust it off, care for it, speak to it as if it’s really him. Just kidding though — as if a cchris poppet would ever collect dust!

It took me a while of searching through our vast, vast chat logs in order to find something that I thought was a suitable way to honor our friend. I settled on this small segment of time shared between us not because it is especially funny, but because it was a cluster of inside jokes that I have already mentioned on sneer campaign!

Rather than a collection of times he has violated my personal space, on the internet, in a text-based chat, or a collage of short but humorous moments, or awkward and creepy moments, I am showing you evidence that we do casually reference the Mysterious Stranger. Enough so that merely saying that someone is “waving a mask” is all we need to know. We see the antagonism, the unrequited love and rejection, the accusations of chatbottery, the threats. This isn’t at all the full range of what we commonly say in a conversation! After all, no one spiked a drink onto the floor.

Click upon this image of a comic. Click that thing in order to see it in its full size. Look at that panel where my heart is broken and then look at that next one where I already recover because it happens so often. Just look at every panel! Do it in order first, but then every subsequent viewing the panel order can be up to you, babycakeses.

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