Textbook Custard

Our cats are tricksters, escape artists, bold, too smart or too stupid. This is not to say that our cats are different than other cats. They are all pretty much the same. They are less like pets and more like shiftless roommates, forever late on the rent and refusing to clean up after themselves. We provide illustrated guides to them, once monthly.

This comic is titled "Textbook Custard," an illustrated guide to the cats of sneer campaign.

Panel 1: "Scampering and playing," say the words. We see Custard playing with a toy.
Panel 2: Says "Hunting... Instilling fear." And we see her in the distance peeking around a corner, and the edge of Tuff Ghost being afraid.
Panel 3: The words are "Prowling moodily" and she's just walking and looking like she's annoyed.
Panel 4: Custard is seated, looking over her shoulder. Labeled with "Judging You." The words say "Acting every inch a diva. Custard has become our cattiest cat."

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Sneer Back

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