The Cats of Sneer Campaign

Here at Sneer Campaign we obviously love cats. They are featured many places, but mostly in our hearts. We have 3 each, because we are insane. We like them a lot! Love them. Mostly.


To introduce Cat Lady Week, we are starting with our furriest of friends. Our nicest companions. Our bff 4ever.


The Captain

The Captain would be the leader of this pack if all 6 cats were forced together. Luckily for the rest of the cats, this is not the case. Captain is a friendly giant. He is sturdy and tall and if you fought him you would not win. But he is a lover, not a fighter. He is Amanda’s bodyguard and pillow because he is three times the size of a normal still-large cat.

The Captain the Cat



Cricket is a little round princess. She is a quiet lovely girl who would be tormented by her friends, Captain and Zesta. They no longer live together, so she is now free to have little happy fits whenever she wants, without fear of being pounced on. She is Amanda’s little buddy.

Cricket the Cat



Zesta appeared one day and demanded that Amanda take care of her. Now she is Amanda’s kid sister. She is an active and excitable cat, but does not purr. She is the youngest of all the cats, at just five years old. She pretty much only likes Amanda and only tolerates other living things.

Zesta the Cat



Olive is the oldest cat I have. She is about 9 years old, I think. She is the alpha cat around the apartment. She got accustomed to being on her own when I got her and she still acts like she owns the place, even with two other cats around. Sometimes she tries to treat us humans like she is better than us too. She will steal our food and knock over our glassware while looking us right in the eyes. She also has big feet.

Olive the Cat



Haircut is my baby. She is not the youngest cat I have, but I had her at the youngest age. She is now about 6 and a half years old, maybe nearing 7. A friend found her stuck in a tree and she hasn’t really become any smarter. She likes to cuddle, especially with people who are not me.

Haircut the Cat


Tuff Ghost

Tuff Ghost is the youngest cat I have and the only male. He is now about 7 years old and is scared of everything. He is pretty much feral although he seems to like my roommate a lot. And headbutting, followed shortly by sprinting away.

Tuff Ghost the Cat

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