The Dolls Of Late Summer

Plenty of people seem to enjoy these end days of summer. That last gasp of heatwaves and hay fever before everything begins to die for Autumn is sometimes seen favorably by some people. I never really understood why unless the people who enjoy this time of year are Halloween enthusiasts getting excited for that fine holiday. And that’s nice. It’s very fun, and a little beacon of joy before we have to slog through another winter. But let’s not let my S.A.D. get in the way here.

Every year at this time, I am burdened with a seasonal sadness. Things are dry and dying, withered. But it will get worse soon enough during the chilly grey seemingly endless expanse of the cold seasons. It is a physically hard time of year, too! All three of us currently residing in the Paradise of Sneer HQs are experiencing allergies to the air around us! I actually have it easiest by only dramatically suffering from sinus headaches, but Dollissa is frequently sneezing and downing antihistamines, and poor Jamie had a full sinus infection for which he needed actual prescribed medicine!

September may be my birth month, but it is not really a close friend of mine. However, even in the midst of my darkest lamentations, I can find the strength to make lemonade. I am glad that our pain at least inspired this sad Overindulgent Self Portrait! I even did a little studying on microscopic pollen pictures. I drew them symbolically: the size that they feel to be when inside the sinus cavity.

Don’t ask me why I included a terrifyingly large skirt-brooch belt buckle of a metal scarab. Fashion won’t be explained! It refuses!

An illustration done in 1920s style, modeled after a magazine cover of an old Brazilian magazine called Para Todos.

Dollissa and Amandoll are standing next to each other, wearing large bell hoop skirt type skirts, they have layers. Amandoll's is yellow and orange, and Dollissa's is grey and yellow with pink flower embellishments. Dolliss also has on a white tank top with a drawing of a blue symbol for female. It looks mad. Amandoll is wearing her classic iconic brightly colored shirt, but also a huge bow on her hip that has an out of place looking scarab beetle on it.

They both have tissues in their hands and pink swollen noses. They look miserable. Loops of giant pollen are in the background.

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