The Duck and Bunny Is Now My Enemy

Have I ever been to Providence, Rhode Island? No. Will I ever go to Providence? Well, the answer to that question used to be yes! Now I’m not so sure!

Google maps streetview screencap of the Duck and Bunny, 321 Wickenden Street, Providence, Rhode Island.
This WAS the Duck and Bunny!

Providence is the location of a little snuggery called the Duck and Bunny. It has been mentioned before on the Sneer Campaign as being a little obsession of cchris that he drags me along for — so I know a lot about it. This is also how I know about the Zodiac Killer, Isabelle Morton, Buzzfeed Unsolved’s stars Shane and Ryan, and the abundance of Bitch Be Gone spells on YouTube. The Duck and Bunny is a business in that city that was housed in a great old building, but then moved to a less interesting location, while the old building was “renovated,” with the intention of moving back into it by 2022. That seemed fair. Renovating old buildings and bringing them up to modern code standard is often a time-consuming ordeal.

Every few weeks, it seemed, I would get an update on their efforts via cchris. Not very long ago, mere weeks ago, I am pretty sure, they gave the announcement that they’d reopen at the old location in 2022. But earlier THIS week, very unexpectedly, they just tore that old building right down to the ground.

Screen capture of a Discord Chat where c chris is saying to me, "Hopefully it's just renovations. God there's a huge flamewar on their facebook page over it. The providence preservation society is getting involved. What a juicy bit of drama. Although I'm sad they have/are going to raze it."

Then he posted a picture of the demolition and called them murderers.
A chat where opinions are seen permanently forming, forever!

It was a sensation! A bad one. Personally, I am always deeply saddened when a nice old structure that ISN’T caving in is torn down. I have always been upset by this, even when I was a small child. A lifelong distaste for such decisions has followed me around. So this news came as a shock to me. Interestingly but not surprisingly, according to cchris ace reporter and snoop artist, this news was also shocking to many of the Duck and Bunny’s clientele, supporters, and neighbors.

This is a google street view screen capture that then had a very crude rendering of c chris standing on the stoop drawn onto it.
What could have been…

“How dare you tear down this old building from the year 1900! This is happening all over Providence! The history is being erased!” At first, we were upset that Providence is getting a facelift all over. Then we were delighted to hear that this Wickenden Street was on the Historic Register. Then we were dismayed to hear that it isn’t really something that they enforce and that everything is listed as being built around 1900. What a little roller coaster we were on, very afar from this drama that did not involve us in the least.

Articles by actual locals cropped up. The outrage was no longer limited to comments on Instagram and Facebook. We began to hear that the former owners were saddened. This might have also been when we learned that there were former owners vs new owners. The new owners had promised to care for it, they said. There was a radio interview or podcast referenced where the new owner spoke of the renovation and all of that. And that the new owner “couldn’t be reached for comment” on these events. There’s a lot of hearsay being flung around! These new owners better speak up before they are villains for the rest of eternity!

At around this time, we learned that the old building was more likely built in the 1850s. An actual crime! Houses that old should be preserved! Coddled! Expensive teas and cupcakes should be delicately enjoyed in their precious rooms filled with eclectic antique decor!

This is an image from the duck and bunny website, of their old interior. C Chris and Amandoll have been drawn lounging in the chairs. She is staring off, daydreaming. He is reading a book.
It should have been filled with expensive treats like US!

This morning though, cchris came to me with news that the building was actually built in 1792. It just keeps getting older and older! And more and more upsetting. All that old timber: smashed. There could have been fundraisers. Maybe there were, alleged some facebook comments that I accidentally read while doing minimal research. Well if there were, I certainly didn’t hear about them in time! I, a person not from there! There could have been community action, helping to preserve the character of the street. But now it’s too late.

This is an old black and white photo of the original building. It looks to be painted a darker color.
A photograph from 1472 has been unearthed of the building! Crimes! Criminal destruction!

Once upon a time, I wanted to go to Providence to see the Duck and Bunny. The allure was the building, not the sixteen dollar muffins. And as I post this, I guess the wave of reactions from people who aren’t local, who have never been there, and can’t possibly mind their own business has begun. Make them rebuild that Duck and Bunny! Shattered piece of timber by shattered piece of timber! They are MONSTERS!

But at least at the final moment I remembered that I jokingly started to write an article about them back in 2019 — exactly two years ago from today. Fated. Destined. I hope you enjoy it, and that you derive comfort from it during these upsetting times.

This is a comic. A pretty simple one. And here is the dialogue:

Amanda: What should I write about today

Chris: duck and bunny

Amanda: "Imagine the whitest person you know. Now imagine them to be even whiter. Whiter! In skin tone, yes, but especially in their white culture. Whiter!! Now imagine what kind of place they would like to go for tea and absurd gourmet snacks. No -- even whiter than what you're imagining. The location is Providence, RI, and the name of the place is the Duck and Bunny and they have "old school hip hop nights." I told you you weren't imagining white enough."
"What would I know of this place to which I have never been? In a city and entire state I have never visited? Well there is the internet, google street view, and cchris."

Chris: they would love that kind of coverage
in between each paragraph, draw passion play pictures of jesus' execution, only it's gwyneth paltrow

Amanda: "We have been following the antics of the Duck and Bunny for like three years. Well, cchris has and I therefore get to hear all of the wildly exciting updates, like their daily lunch special, costing six times what you'd expect - or not, actually."
i guess i could write this, since i just sneezed up 550 words on it already
at the end: other places we havent been that we are intimately aware of

Chris: pls dont get duck and bunny angry at me
So long, Duck and Bunny. Rest in peace.

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