The Sneer Campaign Organization Method

There are a lot of methods for organizing yourself out there, especially lately. Sure, we’ve always had to-do lists and calendars and sticky notes, but now we have Bullet Journal and things like Evernote. Some people, as always, still use the Being An Adult Human and Both Remembering and Accomplishing Everything Without a Crazy List and Notebook Procedure, or The Sandy Cohen, as I like to call it.

Here at Sneer Campaign, we do not use any of those above methods. That is because we have our very own fool-proof system for organization.


Before you get started, you need to consider what needs to be organized in your life. Don’t leave anything out! We recommend reading through this primer all the way through first before starting, so you don’t forget or mislabel anything. Make sure to include the following: work, creative projects, hobbies, meals, chores, hygiene, instrument learning, cat time, calling your parents, language practice, posting on message boards, finances, and absolutely anything else you would ever need to do or keep track of.

This method requires: 17 notebooks (optional 18 for women), 4 pens of different colors, post-it notes of 2 colors, and a permanent marker in black or dark blue. There is, of course, a scientific reason for each rule and suggestion, but we don’t really have time to go into it. The system uses 10 symbols to mark the items in your notebooks and lists.

Sneer Campaign Organization Method Symbols

The permanent marker is for labeling the notebooks. This is an important step. If the notebook gets messed up, you should start over completely. Here are what your notebooks should be labeled, before the colon. After is a description of the types of things you can list and organize in that particular notebook. (Of course, to use this system we recommend reading the full 48-page PDF which describes any steps, potential problems, and best practices.)

  1. test notebook: this will be addressed in the PDF
  2. table of contents: this is a table for the rest of the notebooks, with monthly updates
  3. work notebook: work assignments, schedules, work parties, coworker information
  4. creative projects: crafts, commissions, hobbies
  5. personal: hygiene, home, neighbors
  6. family: birthdays, holidays, reunions, visits, phone calls
  7. finances: rent, budget, shopping list totals (see Notebook #16), income
  8. friends: important dates, friends of friends, significant others, things you’ve lent
  9. favors & requests: promises, favors, obligations
  10. worries & confusions: get them off your chest
  11. living things: pets, plants, pests
  12. astrology: your birth chart, predictions, conclusions
  13. food: meals, snacks, nutritional information, dieting
  14. calendar: events, deadlines, bills, due dates
  15. menstrual cycle (optional)
  16. shopping lists: food, creative projects, home equipment
  17. rewards: treat yo self
  18. appendix: this will be addressed in the PDF

Now, to begin, make sure that your notebooks are appropriately labelled. To get the full how-to guide, make sure to get the PDF! But here’s an example of a page from an example notebook, using Notebook #11 and the first six symbols shown above (square: to do; circle: should do; triangle: comment; x: done; checkmark: doing; dash: nevermind).

Sneer Campaign Organization Method Example

Of particular note is Notebook #17, where you will address rewards. It’s important, when trying to accomplish goals or even simple tasks, to put some focus on the outcome. In your rewards notebook, you will not just list the literal outcome of a task, but also other potential rewards and emotional rewards. You will also address how these tasks fit into your larger goals, making your reward one of the steps on your journey.

To learn more about the Sneer Campaign Organization Method, just wait for the 48-page PDF instructions, to be released soon! It’s item number 47 on page 12 of notebook 4 so you know it’ll be done in a jiffy!

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