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The man they call “Tom Parker” is an arteest of the highest caliber. His illustrations are intricate and contain many straight, precise lines which are very difficult to achieve, at least in my experience. This guy, let’s call him “Tomp” because I’m sure he would prefer that we did, specializes in dizzying amounts of detail. The illustrations are amazing, they are magically whimsical, and they are purty. In fact, you can go ahead and join his big fat fan page, for big fat fans regardless of their appearance and medical records. The page is brimming with supporters who gather in screaming throngs whenever he makes a post, and he does make posts. Plenty of them! He is an entertainer on the Facebook platform. Join the Tomp Party.

But I’m not actually shilling him in general. I am here to shove these links in your face. Links like this one right here: a link. Would you look at that?? One of his fancy drawins has been made into a high quality picture puzzle!

As I mentioned in the introductory paragraph, Mr. Parker draws high quality things. The puzzles I’m talking about are very busy little scenes, ideal for the person who loves a challenge, but I want to show you a famous picture of his so that I can draw a fan art of it and laugh. It’s a new spin on an old classic. This article is about him, not me, but please pay attention to me. Please don’t forget me. You can love us both!

fan art

Jigsaw puzzles are one of those pastimes that I’m on the fence about, as I am with so many things. I like the idea for about three minutes and then I become frustrated or bored. They consume time, which is great in some situations. It’s a great idea to prepare for those times, so you should buy puzzles so that you won’t be left wanting when you are confined to a bed because you have broken a lot of leg bones and there’s nothing on TV. If you are a person who actively likes putting together puzzles while alone or in a group, then I guess you know what to do. Oh, by the way, these pintoo links ship from Taiwan, where Tomp currently spends half of his time, so here is an Amazon link which promises free shipping. Ooooh.

A sixteen hundred piece puzzle is nothing to scoff at. You had better COMMIT to puzzling if you get one of these bad boys. They are made of plastic, apparently, so I imagine you can put these puzzles together over and over and over again and they will never wear down like those dead-tree puzzles I normally encounter You don’t even need to coat your finished masterpiece of Tomp’s masterpiece with glue and display it on your wall. The plastic snaps together and STAYS THERE, I’ve been told. You can proudly, smugly tell visitors that you made it yourself. Take all the credit. Do it!

high quality

And, may I recommend that while you try to jam one unmatching piece with another, cursing wildly, that you listen to this song, at least once. Sing along to the sweet lyrics and grow a teardrop in your eye as you think of Tom Parker, for no other reason than that I have asked you to. <3

If it doesn’t tell you what this is, and only says that it can’t be played in your country because of some dumb reason, it is “Blue Savannah” by Erasure. I imagine you can just sing it to yourself perfectly, but nothing beats listening to it, imo. Spend big buck$ on puzzles!

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