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Allegedly, engaging in word games, brainteasers, and various types of puzzles is a healthy activity.We love health! We love activity! It keeps your mind sharp. It staves off senility. And, most importantly, it is a nifty little diversion from all of life’s many little stresses. Some people hate crosswords, be they standard or cryptic. Other people love them! Personally, I don’t really like word searches, but I sure made one for you to do!

In fact, I decided to be a big shot today and make a fun activities page for your pleasure and benefit, because I’m nice like that. Print these out, copy them into a drawing program and do them there, do them silently, all in only your mind — whatever suits your fancy. Just have some semblance of fun and I will feel satisfied.

a Word Search

Imagine that this is a version of Star Search with cheering crowds, cash prizes, and risk of humiliating failure! It’s a real risk because when I used this site to generate this FUN TIME for you, I selected the difficult version. Good luck!


“Brain Teasers”

More like brain wheezers, amirite? I am right and you will see how right I am as soon as you see what terrible things I have done in the name of trying desperately to entertain you. You will brainwheeze in exasperation. Is there a difference between a brain teaser and a riddle? That’s not the first puzzle, but it might as well be. However it is not one I know the answer to. Anyway, my unbiased opinion plainly states that these are no more or less annoying than any of the brainteasers provided on other sites during my research phase, conducted three minutes before making this section.

  1. What has many faces but cannot be seen? Answer
  2. “I am alone, but never lonely. Millions of eyes watch me but I could never see them.” Answer
  3. Is there suddenly a theme to these questions already? Answer
  4. What is round and juicy and reading this sentence? Answer
  5. “I was once useful but now I can’t see the point.” Answer


a Crossword Puzzle

Is this too easy? I thought so! But also what do you think I am, someone who takes pride in creating puzzles or games? Thanks to this terrible site that wants you to PAY for “good quality” versions of puzzles, I didn’t have to think too hard about anything, except for those times when I wondered if this information is even anything we’ve made public to you. Hope you’ve been paying attention!

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