Unsurprisingly Strong Tea Opinions

As I grapple with all seven stages of grief at the same time, rapidly cycling, alone and in bizarre combinations, over the death of AOL Instant Messenger today, December 15th, 2017 — a very dark day, I figured that I should try to get a taste of “Reconstruction and Working Through” (stage six) by celebrating that I have had good times there. I am doing this by putting up a comic, by acknowledging International Tea Day, and by crafting unwieldy, ugly sentences. Please pardon me. I am GRIEVING.

boo hoo

The drama, or “tea-atrics,” you see presented before you today are once again words thrown between cchris and me. He somewhat uncharacteristically flips his lid, but it is over his only love, which is matcha tea at ilovemathca, so I guess it makes sense. He’s either coolly dismissive or throwing a FIT. I can’t believe AIM shut down. Unreal.

We talk a big game about coffee around here but tea is a very important staple, too. And yes, before any of you scramble to scream at me — I KNOW I should have called my herbal tea an “”herbal infusion.””  I’m pretty glad I decided to go along with making a comic because I can’t pay attention to what I’m saying. It’s probably a mixture of “Shock” (stage one) and “Depression” (stage four).

Try to enjoy this comic, if you can enjoy anything on this day. And look forward to a day soon where I can express my sorrows appropriately over AIM’s death and we can have a nice little memorial service. Sob.



  1. Here’s another strong tea opinion. December the 15th is NOT International Tea Day, despite what a bunch of vendors who want to sell tea say. It’s International Tea WORKERS’ Day. The aim is to think about those on poor wages, in poor health, in poor conditions, who allow us to have tea. Over 40% of Kenyan tea workers have AIDS according to War On Want.. Their sanitation is poor to non-existent, they often have no electricity or running water, they are routinely abused. They are only paid during the season but they cannot afford to return to their villages. Across most of the major tea producing nations there are plenty of examples of widespread and systemic abuse. December the 15th is not about 15% off of your favourite Bi Lo Chun and free shipping offers, it’s about taking the time to think about where your tea comes from and what you can do to help, such as avoiding the companies who engage in these practices.

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