Vogue-cabulary: E Is for Educated Fox

Let’s bring back the old slang, and appreciate the slang from then which still occurs now. This edition of Vogue-cabulary will put you in good form if you accidentally transport back to the Interwar period!

An art deco design square that has the colors of burnt orange, grey, sage, navy, brown, and gold. It showcases the letter E and along the bottom says "is for Educated Fox. There is a dapper man being fawned over by two dapper women, and another two dapper women are on the other side, giving a look over to him. One is saying "he's nothing but an educated fox," and her friend is like "Oh I know that." She is not dissuaded!

Educated Fox: a fast boy, a big time operator, a wolf, a fellow who gets around. Teen slang of the late 1930s.

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