Weakly Readers: Starring Doofus and Darling

Welcome back to our monthly comic series, Doofus and Darling. If you had Highlights for Children magazine when you were young, you’ve seen Goofus and Gallant. If not, it probably doesn’t matter anyway.

A single image of a two panel comic drawn in black and white, the pencil tool of a software program. The comic is called "Doofus and Darling."

On the left, a girl with bushy hair and glasses sits on a bed, reading what looks to be periodicals. The caption says, "Doofus mostly reads zines."

On the right, a girl in a striped shirt is sitting in a chair reading a book. Her heels are up on a stack of books. The books say things on the spines such as "Film", "Depression", "Okie." The caption reads, "Darling only reads dry resource books about the interwar period of world history."

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