WordScapes, Forever

As you probably knew, we love wordgames and we love apps. We love competing with friends, but we love competing with ourselves, too. We love playing games that seem like they could be building our brain muscles somehow. Well. We love WordScapes.

There are about ?00 levels but it seems like there are tens of thousands of them. It’s a relaxing game with no losing and no using up energy. You play however long you want as long as you can complete the board. It surprised me when I started that I didn’t have a limited amount of times to play per day or per time period. I kept going and going and going. I’m still going to this very day. No matter how far in the future you may be reading this from time of publication.

It starts off very simple with short words and small boards. You basically complete a small crossword that is only composed of words you can make from the letters below. It’s like Scrabble for yourself but also anagrams. It’s like Boggle with a board. It’s like WordScapes.


The levels have simple and dreamy names like Mountains or Flora. Each of those main levels has many inside, like Ocean Vast and Ocean Wave. Each of those levels has many inside too! It’s just a lot of word game and it’s great. A never-ending labyrinth of simple word puzzles and calming landscape backgrounds.

When I first started playing, they suddenly added 400 new puzzles. I wasn’t daunted. I was elated to know that I will never reach the end. For as long as I live, they will just add 400 more. Then 400 more again. Forever. It will not be stopped. No one will want them to stop. More.


You slowly earn coins for hints if you need them. Sadly, you will find that you WILL need hints. Either your brain just collapses and refuses to work, or your vocabulary isn’t big enough for a second. There have been times when I feel like a dunce because I accidentally found a word through letter combinations, but I am reading it in my head incorrectly. “DOUR” is read as “doo-er” and then I tell Amandoll because she probably just had the same thing happen to her with another simple word. Bonding experiences.

Annoyingly, most of the time it will put ribald or potty words in the “bonus bag” off the board. It is nice that it grants you coins for these words, but seems a little uptight and prim. Loosen up, WordScape. Some words, it doesn’t accept at all though:

stop oppressing me

There is one aspect that leans less toward the relaxing pointlessness of the main game, which is the Daily Puzzle. You earn points to unlock things and the points are certainly different. Although what you unlock is just a photograph of an animal. How sweet. You unlock those animal pictures by forming words where a butterfly lands. Adorable.


You’ll never stop playing. You can’t! You can’t want to stop! This one, you will never stop playing. I just don’t see it happening.


  1. Why do the butterflies go away on the daily puzzles when you win the word so that you are not able to win more?

    • Did you pass the level? You may need to update your version of the app if you don’t see anything after that level.

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