A Playlist to Lady Out To

Woo! Womenfolk! Aren’t we great? Don’t we deserve at least equal amounts of respect and admiration? Politics! Identities! Inherent natures! The good news is that while we are busy being women, we can listen to music either by other women we happen to respect who have musical talent or maybe it is actually music that inspires us and gives us a little of that ol’ pride. Good job, us, for being the fabulous gender. Good work, us, because we can’t be wrong about how to be ourselves!

Listen With Us: Ladiez


Listen to our playlist below for a scintillating four hours and feel free to put it on shuffle. Then strut your stuff, either because you are a lady and you are feeling it, or maybe you just want to think about ladies in a way that causes you to admire and not objectify them. Please don’t make it creepy.


Sneer Back

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