Missy Manners: The Miss Edition

Welcome to Missy Manners’ advice and etiquette column. As you might know from some past posts, Dollissa is quite the advice aficionado. These are real questions from real people, and those people are not us, we swear! You can send your own questions to sneercampaign+missymanners@gmail.com.

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Dear Missy Manners,

If I’m out somewhere and I see a girl I’m interested in, is there any way I’m allowed to walk up and talk to her? Am I missing signals other than her wearing headphones to fend me off?

Trying in Texas

Dear Trying,

I say go for it and expect a low rate of success and an even lower rate of tolerance. There’s nothing technically wrong with approaching a stranger as a well-groomed, clothed adult, but don’t assume you’re a welcome interruption. Definitely assume you’re an interruption.

I find that a lot of people think that the biggest no-no is an interruption into someone’s day, but they don’t really consider as many things interruptions as I do. I promise that if you walk up to someone, even without headphones or a book, you can easily be interrupting their peace and quiet.


Dear Missy Manners,

Other women in my office wear shorter dresses or shorts than I do, often. They’re not scandalously short but I don’t know what the rules are. Summer is coming and I want in.

Sweaty at a Startup

Dear Sweaty,

I would not suggest basing this decision on one or two other people at your workplace, but if it’s the norm definitely just follow suit. If you have an actual dress code and/or and HR department or manager, just be safe and ask what’s allowed. Then ask yourself what’s reasonable.

Since we aren’t 11 years old, I doubt that anyone is going to measure how many inches of your thighs are exposed. If you’re still worried but you think it’s just you, try easing into it with some stockings.


Dear Missy Manners,

I’m having a bad week. How should I pamper myself?

Listless Lady in Limbo

Dear Lady,

Have a nice warm bath with lavender and geranium essential oils, shave your legs, get some popcorn, put on a romantic movie like Monkey Business, and sink wistfully into a pile of blankets.

Sneer Back

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