Amandoll’s Other Car is

We all know and love that Amandoll is an illustrator for this here site, Sneer Campaign. But what else does she do? Okay, besides yoga, drinking coffee, watching old movies, and all those other things we talk about all the time. On her birthday, today, we will take a brief look.

What she does is: everything. That’s right, everything! Okay, every art medium that I am currently bothering to think of. In fact, here is what she does:

NeverNotAmanda by Amanda Wood


Amandoll is an illustrator of great renown. She has illustrated textbooks and workbooks, comics, and album covers. She, with a seemingly impossible ease, utilizes watercolor, pencil, pen and ink, acrylic, or her tablet to create utter masterpieces.

Some things that you may not have seen much on our site is her acrylic painting or her watercolor art. So here are some masterpieces!

Froggy Acrylic Painting by Amanda Wood


Textbook Cover Watercolor by Amanda Wood


German Shepherd Acrylic Painting by Amanda Wood


Classroom Friends Watercolor by Amanda Wood


Blue Heron Acrylic by Amanda Wood


You can see more of Amandoll’s work over at her site: NeverNotAmanda. You can also contact her there for any work inquiries, compliments, or to¬†proselytize.

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