Color-Me-In: Art Deco Halloween Sneerists

We know you love to color, and you know we love to make delightful drawings of ourselves in our ideal lives, living together, as a group of actual friends. In the same place. Ideally, that place is sometime in the 1920s but only for purely aesthetic reasons. According to illustrations of that era, everyone was abnormally thin and lithe. They didn’t walk, they slithered. And that’s how we are too, on some level.


As you color us in, make up little stories — it’s good for your powers of imagination and creativity! The cat doesn’t have to be Custard, as I have colored. It could be another small cat like Haircut or Tuff Ghost. Melissa is not a Jazz Age Furry, don’t worry. Saxon is supposed to be a bee, but it is because of SnapChat filters that you probably haven’t had the pleasure of receiving. There are a lot of great bee songs in Saxon. AlexT is some kind of swashbuckler, cchris is a masked clown angel satan nightmare type of thing — I’m not sure what the costume is though lol lol, and OMGJeremy is I guess some exotic bellydancer. What am I? What is Haun? That is up to you to decide. Jimmy and Billy are off-scene because I only had enough time and space to draw as many people as I did. They probably had the best costumes though. Feel free to draw them in! Go ahead. Don’t be shy.

Click it in order to be taken to the full size screen so that you can print it out. You know the drill. HAPPY HALLOWEEEEN.

color it

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