Color-Me-In: Sneer Campaign Las Vegas Vacation

Look kids, Vegas Vic! Whaddya know, it’s the Bellagio Fountains still! Again! So, we decided to sneer in an extended vacation episode, like any good sitcom in its second season.

welcome to las vegas


It’s good for a theme week, and how better to start a celebration than by giving you an unusually detailed illustration to color? Zone out as you put your colored pencils to good use. Imagine the fun we must be having, probably. You know we talked about Secretariat, and our cats. Junior and Honorary Sneerists were with us, too! Drinks are free in Las Vegas! The panel featuring gambling wealth is just a case of us trying to use the power of the Secret for the millionth attempt. Will it work this time?? Stay tuned for our inevitable “Already, We Have Retired from Career Gambling Because We Became Millionaires in Three Days” article.

Print out the image below after you click on it for its real big size. Color it and be as pleased as we are! If you’d like to share your efforts with us, just post them to our poor old Facebook Page.

color vegas

Sneer Back

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