Cryptic Crossword #003


A third contender on the Sneer Cryptic Crossword scene arrives! Veeder enters the arena with a possibly difficult puzzle for you to do battle with. When you are cryptic crossword masters like we are, it’s hard to tell if something is difficult, of course. B) But still, if you wanna reach the top, you gotta solve ’em all. Actually, honestly, it was hard to tell if this was very difficult, or very easy once you think of the theme. There IS a theme.

If you are new to the endeavor, you can read the introduction to our first one, which is probably all you need?

– Amandoll

As always, you can print this out to a full sized image suitable for framing. Or you can just use scrap paper and solve it on your own, if that’s what you want to do. We will post a link to the answers when Crossword 004 comes out, whenever that may be.

cryptic crossword 3

Here are your answers!


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