David Attenbowie: Notes on the Okapi

One of my favorite mind exercises (because that sounds a lot better than “daydream”) is to imagine how I will build the world and all of reality when it is my turn. For your information, I am more or less pleased with the state of the natural world — world politics will be a whole different matter and the course of human history will be completely different, obviously — but I like the shape of things and the colors and so on. The animals did well. Entertainment is mostly good, but the vacuousness in most of the popular things really bothers me, so I will change that for the better. “Entertainment” will be replaced by “edutainment” and the world will thirst for knowledge.

There will be athletes, but not pro-sports superstars. There will be actors, but not movie stars. People might achieve high levels of recognition, but they won’t be famous. Musicians, yes, but no rock stars. In fact, the only stars will be in the sky, where they belong. But as of this morning, I started imagining more interesting versions of existing people, or blends of them, and in my universe, people will clamor to watch the new nature programming hosted by David Attenbowie, a man who is the most-traveled and most extravagantly clad in the whole world. While he educates us on the environment, and the specifics of each thing on earth, he will be dressed in styles inspired by them. It will be exquisite. And okay, he can be a star because there would be no stopping him.


I will provide exactly one illustrated scene from this smash hit tv show from an alternate universe once monthly. We can collectively wish it was our reality now. But we have to wait. Or slip sideways through dimensions, I have no idea how any of this works. YET.


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