Someone Please Help Kevin

As we all grow older together, it is up to friends to keep track of each others’ mental faculties, especially those of us who didn’t choose to start families. Yes, mental health in the emotional sense is important, but soon, we are going to have to know the signs of senility and Alzheimers. We are going to have to call the Home when the time comes, to take our dear friends to live in an assistance facility with trained nurse staff on hand 24/7. We will have to do what’s right, and I’ve got my eye on all of you.


Sure, in this comic, hopefully Kevin was drunk or something, but I don’t think he was. What kind of child of the internet would forget such a basic thing as “how a browser works” or “the difference between a chat window and that browser”? I fear that the answer is “some kind of opposite-of-a-child.” 

Click the comic to catch the undertone of anything I say in it. Can you hear me dialing all but the last number to an old folks’ home?

tick tock

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