Dollissa’s Adventure

When Dollissa sleeps, because it is bed time or because it is an unplanned napcident, she is often plagued by stress nightmares. Repetitive predicaments often abound in her experience. However, she has been known to have pleasant dreams, too.

Among the best is the one where she does not know she is sleeping. She thinks she is there in her room, on her bed, feeling drowsy. On a whim, she decides to go to the backyard of the Sneer HQ, where urban residential splendor awaits on a lush double lot.

The yard is framed by a sturdy wooden fence, and Dollissa feels even smaller than she actually is. In fact, she finds that she is the size of a mouse looking up at all of the stately flowers around her. The flowers begin to resemble human faces of people she holds dear. They seem to look at her, expecting her to break the silence, and so she does.

“Amandoll, is that you?” she always asks in this dream. The solitary red rose in the striped shirt always looks at her like she has three heads, because of course it is her. Saxon and Cchris, as other kinds of flowers, also silently pass judgment. The dream never changes!

Dollissa sees that everyone who contributes to Sneer Campaign regularly is there, planted in her friendship garden. Even Frant and Kevin! Even new writer, Erica. The cats are all there, too, including the newest cat who hasn’t even been indoors or to the vet yet. The whole gang is here, snarking and making flower puns.

A rockinghorse fly zips by that resembles Secretariat. Then, fluttering past her there is a Bread and Butterfly which appears to be sprinkled with nutritional yeast — mmmmm. At this point, she always wakes up, knowing what she must now eat for a meal. Maybe she will put an egg on it!

Feel free to right click on that image above and save it to your files. Print it out for your sneer campaign altar. Use this one to print off and color. Use this one to just copy over to your art program of choice. I don’t mind how you do it, I just want you to enjoy doing it.

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