Don’t Hate Us; Hate Our Hiatus

We don’t plan for hiatuses mainly because we aren’t known for being expert planners, even though we write plenty of content that refers to our lists, calendars, charts, and single-minded drive for focus. Inside Scoop: those are written because we have an interest in becoming good at that type of thing.

We often have lapses in productivity, but I guess there comes a time when you realize you aren’t posting a lot more than you are and you have to point it out. Gotta admit it. A hiatus slipped in through the window and settled in without us realizing it!

Sometimes we are overwhelmed with things even though nothing has actually changed or otherwise been added to our daily programming. This time things HAVE been added — but not like last time, when there was a lot of work and deadlines. This time, we were slowly drowned under a mountain of smaller tasks and then also MOODS and some traveling — we will explain more in the future, upon our return, when our need to vent our sneers comes back, when our desire for meager internet attention outweighs our individual desires for rest and looking out the window to watch the endless summer rain. Look! I still ramble with unwieldy sentences!

Hi Here Are Some Ways to Cope:

will work 4 attn
We will definitely be back, don’t you worry.

This hiatus has probably already been going since April, according to our shame calendar, but it’s being made official today. How long will it last? We may be back sooner than you think, and we may post sporadically still. Only we will know in the moment if the hiatus has lifted.

We look forward to the wailed lamentations of the masses, the strident public outcry. We will feed upon it and regain strength. Thank you for your compliance.

Sneer Back

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