Glad News, Followed Quickly by Scary News


Like almost all of my friends, I have known Kieron for many, many years. I’ve been talking to him for probably close to a decade, which is a little upsetting, and I’ve seen him around the internet for much longer than that, thanks to the old OMGJeremy Forums. This means that I have seen these people achieve important things, such as on this day, when he graduated from university and then displayed the fact that it really did fry his brain dry.

Since this comic, I assume he recovered and also I believe has gotten a real job and is maybe even an actual grown up now? I still talk to him on occasion, but who knows about anyone’s actual lives? I’m here only to banter, not to hear about anyone’s bills or raises or spouses or careers or whether or not they have a drivers license. What am I, the FBI? You can keep that stuff to yourselves, friends, and I will do the same.

Click all up on this comic if you would like to be able to read it clearly, and to see my growing unease as time wore on:

oh okay

Sneer Back

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