Happy Dollissa Day!


It’s that time of year again, the Dollissiest day of the calendar! Last year, the very first celebration on this site of this holy day was a thundering success. Paper Dollissas were THE most popular toy among children aged 4-104, and it is no surprise. Everyone loves paper dolls.

This year I decided to simply draw our little world in the style of Richard Scarry, who happens to have been born on a June 5th, himself, and also happens to be one of Dollissa’s favorite illustrators! For some reason, I was never exposed to Busytown very much at all, even though it has been around since the 1960s, but I can easily imagine the Sneer Planet through the Scarry Lens. In fact, after drawing this today, I can imagine the normal human earth world through the Scarry Lens. I am not entirely displeased.

Welcome to Tizzytown, the location of the Sneer HQ and here dwell our writers, friends, and hangers on! Only a precious few have been depicted in this, the very first scene ever drawn of our fictionalized town, but the last census taken here recorded that it is a burg with a population of well over five thousand! Filled with industry, proud entrepreneurs, and business leaders, Tizzytown seems at first glance to be a model of an ideal society. However, behind closed doors, inside our hearts, each little citizen is in a constant state of drama, panic, and/or confusion. Tizzytown lives up to its name.

Will there be more of these drawings down the line? Will I make little stories about Tizzytown? Maybe. Maybe there will be books made until whatever company that owns Richard Scarry’s works sends its lawyers after us. The perfect ending to a perfect day.


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