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We inadvertently had another hiatus sneak up on us, so thank you for noticing. And thank you for welcoming us back. And thank you for enjoying this Overindulgent Self Portrait — which I’ve also been lagging on. Thank you in advance for being thrilled to see two in the month of December. It would have been three, but the huppo visited me this afternoon.

This is a close up excerpt from the larger image below.

October and November both turned out to be busy months for us, personally. We had a week in the mountains of Tennessee. Dollissa started working at her job full time again. Halloween happened, of course. I had to suddenly begin devoting my time to commissions both new and ones I just needed to finish by the end of the year. Yay, good time management. We became more involved in community efforts in Covington, too. Saxon is getting a diploma. Billy has been already dealing with the Winter Blues. Erica has been writing grants. Even Tonyana has been busy very often — for the first time ever, she had to skip a month of Tarotscopes! Our apologies for leaving you rudderless in a frightening sea of the unknown. What else happened? Oh, there was another trip to the mountains, only this time in Virginia. I’m probably forgetting a dozen other things, but it’s been busy!

And now we are bracing ourselves for holiday busy times, but intend to do a little more for you, you beautiful readers, than we did last month. This month, I mean. Life put the NO in November for us.

I did intend to have this overindulgent self portrait up on Thanksgiving Day itself, but I was barely near the internet on that day. Also, I hadn’t even colored it yet. So instead, think of this as a photo snapshot of our time spent in gluttonous pursuits, even though in reality Dollissa and I were hundreds of miles apart. In spirit, this was our holiday.

An illustration done in the trippy Art Deco style of the Brazilian Para Todos magazine, circa 1927. It depicts Dollissa dancing around, wearing pink ballet slippers, golden skirt, pea green shirt, and carrot orange flannel shirt. She is wearing red glasses and brandishing a bitten turkey leg and fork with what might be a potato slice on it.
Amandoll is looking exceptionally slinky, wearing her iconic striped shirt and a huge hoop white, yellow, and orange skirt that is predominantly fringe. Her belt is of red roses. She is clutching her full plate to her and her fork has turkey on it.
In the background, it is a cascade of turkey legs and wings, crescent rolls, and cylinders of cranberry sauce. Also, a radiating art deco sun.

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