Sagan Mars

As you are aware, there is a group of spectacular Carl Sagans that was organized to protect the Earth from ignorance and to guide the human race with thoughtful quotes and good will. Each Soldier undergoes a transformation which grants him a uniform in his own theme colors and his own unique elemental power. The ten Sagan Soldiers are named after the planets of the Solar System, with the exception of Earth but inclusion of its moon.

A close up of the beautiful Sagan Mars looking over his shoulder with a red background and a white blazer with a purple tie. Next to him is the word "science" with a heart dotting the I.

Every once in a while, we will examine a character, continuing this month with the one and only Sagan Mars!

Sagan Mars is the most spiritually-minded of the scouts, and was raised in a family that engaged in “informed worship.” His religion and chosen way of life involves the pursuit of Science. His devoutness to the search itself, of being absolutely true in his searching to the methodology of science, is a path that he takes very seriously. He can be a extremely fiery with anyone who insists that they know anything about God, or who insists on believing without evidence, rather than knowing with proof. Everyone knows not to debate with him on these topics, especially. His guilty pleasure is an intense interest in pop culture.

A Sailor Moon character named Sailor Mars has been changed into a casual suit and slacks -- and into Carl Sagan with long beautiful hair. He is prancing away, looking coyly over his shoulder. His blazer is white with red elbow patches, his slacks are red, his socks and tie are purple. and his loafers are also red. He is prancing in front of a red and purple background, and there is a quote from him, saying, "Science is not only compatible with spirituality; it is a profound source of spirituality."

At the bottom it says "pretty soldier sagan mars."

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