HQ iversary Party

In spite of it being one year since we have owned this house, we’ve never had a housewarming party. So welcome to our virtual housewarming!


A year ago, we acquired this headquarters, this lair, this residential abode, the birthplace of our empire. A lot of things have happened, but none of them have been a party to welcome ourselves. In fact, it seems like the first party is going to be for Amandoll’s birthday, and that’s fine. But that’s why we are having a celebration here on the internet, in this little article. Close enough!

In the past year we’ve had several bats, an opossum or two, a starling, a butterfly, and a possibly-feral calico cat come into the house. The cat can stay, but the others have required some assistance with removal. Except for the opossum which is still living in the attic and might not actually be an opossum — time will tell. But yes. The cat stays.


Also, Amanda lives there without me still, a real tragedy. But soon! Soon, I will be there, in the house that belongs to me. I promise! We’ve had a strange and wonderful array of house sitters, and adorable neighbors. A handyman and a lawncare guy, both hilariously quaint and sweet.

All the while we’ve had some construction projects going on. Rooms have been painted, windows have been installed, holes have been patched, sweat equity as far as the eye can see. Special shout out to Mr. and Mrs. Amandoll’s parents for providing snacks, manual labor, and sweet reminders that we are loved.

We started that charity which benefits our hometown, Covington, and the expansive back yard has allowed Amandoll to try her thumb at gardening. It’s harder than it looks but pretty rewarding!

sunflower plz

We look forward to the next year, which will more than likely be better. And we might even have a real party just to have one to celebrate the house itself. It will have to be after birthdays and holidays, but it’s bound to happen. And when it does, it will probably be an article because we do love having easy content.

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