I Love You Kathy Najimy

Dear Kathy,

Where do I start, as usual? Your range of work not only amazes me but confuses me. As a child watching Sister Act, no part of me expected you’d be one of my most favorite actresses and voice actors of all time. Of all time! FOREVER.

A drawing of Kathy Najimy's head on a pink background with white hearts all over.

It’s truly outrageous that your very first role did not launch you into blissful fame. There were some small parts that I’m sure you owned with all your glorious talent, sass, and wacky grace. You blossomed from Sister Mary Patrick to Peggy Hill and beyond.

Although you shot to stardom after Sister Acts 1 & 2, I didn’t really know who you were. You’d better believe that I saw the movies, but to me you were Sister Mary Patrick, a character. Probably by the time I finished the last minutes of watching you as Mary inĀ Hocus Pocus, I knew I’d see a lot more of you. Or I’d hoped, at least.

Four years after we watched your witchery, you had simultaneous large roles in Veronica’s Closet and King of the Hill. While I never watched the first, King of the Hill is one of my favorite television shows. Just ignore the fact that they all are, please, because it’s also just one of the greatest shows. And you did a stellar job as Peggy for 13 solid years of quality animated sitcom action. Here’s some proof that I love it, in the form of my bedroom wall:

Among many other performances, you also played a recurring character in the hit show Numb3rs. I never made it to your episodes, because boy what a show that was. Amirite? I’m sure you were great. I’ve also never experienced you in WALL-E, RuPaul’s Drag Race, or Veep. I’ll get to it! You’re too prolific.

Aside from your wonderful roles, you’re also a role model. As a proud feminist, you inspire me. Would that I could have been there for your Planned Parenthood speech years ago. Not only that, but the way that you totally blow everyone away on game shows, most recently on The $100,000 Pyramid. Girl, when’s your Jeopardy appearance?

I love that your characters often show that spark of your personality. (You can read more about Kathy Najimy’s activism, in her own words, on her website.)

So I guess what I’m saying is, let’s grab a coffee, Kathy. It’s on me!


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