I Sniffed These Candles So You Don’t Have To

We know, there are a lot of candles out there! Walk into a candle store and you basically won’t be able to smell them because the store is filled with 400 varying scents. It’s hard to do and a lot of work, and as people here on the internet say, ain’t nobody got time for that!

So we’ve made a guide for you of some candle scents you might encounter. Hopefully this aids you in grabbing seven or twelve to throw in your cart without having to spend half your day in your local mall’s dizzying scented candle store.

whiff it good


In case you are like me and you don’t know what the scent of Christmas really is, I’ve sniffed this one for you right away. I have been to some Christmas dinners and parties and for the most part they smell like chocolate. Is that right? Anyway these candles smell like a minty fireplace, so go for it if that’s your kind of holiday odor.


Cloudless Sky

They say this like it’s a positive, but you all know we love clouds. I imagine that if anything, a fluffy cloud would be a fresh scent up there, but I wasn’t sure what to make of the scent of sky. When I smelled it, it smelled a bit like lavender and vanilla. I haven’t tested this but I don’t think that’s what the sky smells like.


Spring Rain

Well maybe these would smell like the sky! What they do smell like is fresh laundry! Delicious and confusing. The scent is much stronger than rain would be. Lighting this candle will fill your home not with the scent of rain but with a torrential downpour of “fresh scent.”


Cloudy Sky

Imagine my surprise when this didn’t just smell like another Cotton Candy candle! It also didn’t smell like fresh laundry, “sunshine,” or air pollution. It smelled like a pine tree had some musky cologne put on it here and there. Not altogether bad but, as usual, altogether overpowering.

not trees


Warm Towel

Mmm the smell of fresh laundry finally! Is it? Well mostly this candle smells like cookies made a few days ago. Like a solid block of stale cookie that you still want because that’s all you have around. Delicious.


Damp Towel

I’m not sure how one can capture the scent of disappointingly grabbing a damp towel after a shower, but wow they really nailed this one. Unfortunately, I’m also not sure why you’d want this scent.


Fall Morning

Ah, the sweet smell of garbage day in the sunny, breezy fall season. You’ll be delighted to know that this candle doesn’t smell like the fall morning scent that I know well, but is instead a refreshing earthy one that you’ll love to fill your home or bathroom with. It’s like having some old school potpourri except that you can smell it further than 2 inches away.


Stale Beer

Do you miss your favorite bar from back home or just a good old fashioned disgusting frat party? Well you might be the only one looking for this candle. Go for it, but em all up.


Burnt Hair

You know the smell. You get halfway through discarding a body and then you remember your favorite part… well now you can have it all the time at home. Just tell your family it reminds you of Christmas or something.


Gas Station Cheeseburger

There was a Doritos flavor called Late Nite Cheeseburger and it was my favorite flavor. It reminded me of frozen White Castle Hamburgers which are also one of my favs. It may or may not be a recurring symbol in both my life and yours.


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