Irrational Fear Comics: An Unwanted Moment of Reflection

We have a lot of fears. Some make sense; others, not so much. This latter type will be featured once monthly until we run out of material, at which point, we might begin accepting the fears of our readers. 

unwanted reflection

I have a love-hate relationship with a mirror. Yes, of course I gaze lovingly at my own reflection for shameful amounts of time, but if I am feeling personally haunted or anxious at the time, a mirror becomes a terrible threat to my sanity. Ever since I was a small child and first heard of the “Bloody Mary” scary story, mirrors became menacing. My grandma’s guest bedroom had a big mirror facing the bed, and I learned to sleep facing away from it in case Bloody Mary could be seen in the distance, waiting for me to be brave enough to summon her, which of course I never was. Eventually, and I am not sure how this happened, I decided that Bloody Mary wasn’t real, but what if mirrors were a portal to a backwards dimension from ours, and what if our reflections were doomed to copy us, and watch us jealously? Was that a Twilight Zone episode? Is this all Rod Serling’s fault?

I forgive him.

But I still won’t look in the mirror in the dark just in case I can see myself watching me from where I should not be.

Sneer Back

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