Just Dropping By: A Barely-Indulgent Self Portrait

There was an unexpected hiatus that took us in the month of May. As the last overindulgent self portrait stated, we are a gambling people now, and we take risks with our money and our time. Well, in May, we agreed to help another local bunch of good-timers set up a whole grand event in a fantastically short amount of time.

Illustration that is a square dimension flier for something called the Wee Folk Festival. It shows fairies and pixies dancing and exploring, coming out of a door in a tree. There is a local landmark for Covington in the background: the Goebel Park Pied Piper Clock Tower. The rest of the information on the flier says: "June 10th, 2023, 1 pm - 6pm. 6th street Mainstrasse Covington KY." And the logo for Fairy Doors of Mainstrasse, and a suggestion to learn more at fairy doors project dot org. Which I linked in the paragraph above.
Putting this here because this post is my scrapbook.

I have been drawing, papier-macheing (only spelled right with the right accents on the letters), and making hobby horse versions of dragons and unicorns covered in acrylic felt sheets that will probably shatter upon first ride around the park. More of that gambling with my time and energy! Those things are not done and I have fewer than five days to complete them and I’m not trying to think about that too hard but also it’s the only thing I can think about most of the time these days.

Meanwhile, Dollissa is enjoying her sabbatical by becoming involved with so many local meetings, events, boards, organizations, groups, and so on that we might have to set up a patreon just so she can shift to part-time at her day job — or quit!!!! I mean, that’s pretty much why people start patreons isn’t it? Please support Dollissa so that she can keep supporting the rest of us at Sneer Paradise.

Also today is her birthday.

Overindulgent self portrait in the style of the Life humor magazine of the 1920s. This shows Dollissa and Amandoll parachuting downward, unsafely. They are just holding the parachutes in their frightened little hands. Is this how they used to parachute in the 1920s? Before they were strapped in with all kinds of safety features? Anyway, their faces are screaming, eyes clenched shut. It is titled "Just Dropping By" and beneath it it details the date - June 5, 2023 -- the Dollissa Edition.


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