Sneer Campaign Has The Bug

No, not whatever illness is going on these days, I mean the gambling bug! Or will have. I know I claimed to have it before, but it only lasted for that one single race and I forgot to gamble in any way ever again. Not this year though! This time it’s going to stick!

Every year at pretty much exactly this time, right before the Kentucky Derby, we make plans for gambling and resulting fortunes. Are we going to remember to place our bets on that particular day? Wanna bet on it? What are the odds? Gamble jargon!

If we do forget, we will be self-righteous about it. It won’t be “forgetting,” it will be “choosing to not participate in that shameful sport of the wealthies who treat those poor horses like disposable, extremely expensive machines.” Current Event News: in 2023, four horses have died at Churchill Downs in the last two weeks, leading up to the big race.

Okay, don’t bet on us to bet on this horrible thing. However, what with Dollissa having months off of work starting last week, there’s no telling what we will eventually bet on for want of excitement in our lives. According to television and movies, a gambling addiction has no limit to the things on which one can care for a little wager.

In today’s Overindulgent Self Portrait for this month of May, I have depicted a scene from this upcoming summer, where the Sneer Household (that’s Manny and Jamie there with us) will gamely place money-bets on our sneercats, who will almost certainly not be the gallant racers we wish they were.

An illustration that is done in the style of a 1920s era humor magazine that was titled Life, but is not the Life magazine that is around today. In this illustration, Amandoll, Dollissa, Manny, and Jamie are throwing cash and coins down on little colored circles which correspond to the numbered saddle cloths tied around the bellies of each of the six cats we have. I don't actually know how gambling like this works, but Dollissa is shouting, and the cats are not racing. They are mostly lying down or distracted.

I’m telling you, if we used kibble as a lure at the finish line, the race would be over far too soon. We gamble first and foremost for the love of fun!

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